National Rose Day! Live from the vineyard

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Today is National Rose day….who the hell thought of these weird dedicated hashtag wine days anyway? Crushing Rose from a can in Oak Knoll district and shooting the shit about rose.

Shopping for Wine Gifts Online

The wine gift online selection covers the entire spectrum; from the oldest vintage collectors crave to the cutting edge wines of the “New World.” And once you enter this world you will find that it is far from an isolated experience;

Wine Cabinet – A Fine Way to Entertain

Everybody in question have always tried to make the best impression they could but failed then wondered what could have been done to make it better. Not to say that material objects is the answer to that question, but let’s imagine for just one second, shall we? You and your wife/girlfriend/best friend/neighbor/boss/manager/supervisor have just begun to relax in your domicile and you lead him/her to your collection of “choice” alcoholic beverages. Where are you bringing them?

Cocktail – Mixed Drink

“Cocktail” is a type of mixed drink which is consumed in almost all countries. It is a type of liquor with flavouring agents. It contains fruit juice, sauces, honey, milk, cream or spices, etc.

Cider’s Sad Story

Cider used to be America’s drink of choice, until it was usurped by beer. See how the tragic downfall occurred, and if there’s hope for the future of hard cider!

History of Champagne

Without question, champagne is the most admired and praised drink in the world. It is suitable for many occasions and moments in a person’s life: for romantic dates, for engagements, for promotions, wedding parties, holidays, for sad and for happy moments. Or, if you are a true admirer, you can drink champagne just for fun, and for the sake of the passion for this wine. And let’s not forget the immortal Dom Perignon, the symbol of good taste and extravagance.

Wine Tasting Tours

For wine lovers everywhere, wine tasting & tours are the best way to experience the world. They let you really get into the culture, taste all the best foods, and of course, let you experience wines the way they were meant to be experienced. Whether you choose to visit France, Italy or stay close to home by visiting the wine region of California, here are a few tips for having the best wine vacation ever.

Beginner Making Wine

The origins of winemaking have been traced back to possibly 3500 BC. Yes, there have been old jugs and urns found by archeologists, and have tested positive for certain sediments in the bottom of the jugs and urns – specifically tannin and tartrate crystals (two main components found in modern wines.) The Neolithic period of 8500 – 400 BC has given us reason to believe that these people had made not only wine, but also other yeasty meals such as breads, beer, and meat and grain entrees.

Italian Food and Wine Tours

When you think of Italy, you probably think of food and wine. And if you really want to experience Italy in its truest form, you should consider taking and Italian food and wine tour. These yours will give you the experience of a lifetime, sampling the food, wine and history from your choice of many Italian wine regions. Let us help you pick the right one for you.

Bordeaux Wine Tours

When you choose to take a trip to the Bordeaux region of France, you show that you truly appreciate good wine, great food, and culturally rich history. Bordeaux wine tours can make sure you experience all of this and more by helping you sample a bit of each little thing Bordeaux has to offer. With an excellent wine tour, you experience more than wine. You can taste the foods, meet the locals and learn all about this lovely area of France.

Wine Merchants of Bordeaux, France

When you take a wine-themed vacation, you want to make sure and have the best experience possible. You also want to bring home plenty of wine to get you through the long, cold stretches between wine trips. This is why it is a good idea to become familiar with the wine merchants in the areas you visit. If you are planning a trip to Bordeaux, then this is the article for you. Our brief overview of the wine merchants of Bordeaux, France will get you ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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