Napa Valley Fires – Live Update 10/4/2020

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Just a quick look at the Napa Valley with the current wild fires burning. A view of the valley and all the smoke and a live update of the wineries and resorts the fire has consumed. 2020 Napa Valley Fires.

The History of Rum

An early alcoholic drink, rum has been around since ancient times. Nothing if not old, it is practically forced to walk with a (sugar) cane. Though it wasn’t first distilled in plantations until the 17th century, rum is believed to have existed thousands of years prior in the form of brum, a drink made by the Malay people. In the 14th century, Marco Polo (the explorer, not the swimming pool game) wrote about a wine made of sugar, giving further credence to the belief that rum was around before the 1600’s.

Prohibition Of The United States Of America

The Volstead act or (Prohibition act) took effect in 1920, in several states across America laws were already in place to try and stop the consumption of alcohol, these laws were in effect before the 18th Amendment (Volstead act, Prohibition act) was passed before congress.

Drink a Toast to a Long Life

A recent study offers us a good reason to raise a glass to a long and healthy life each and every night. A flavonoid called resveratrol, contained in wine, has been shown to lengthen the lifespans and vitality of chubby mice. Both white and red wine contain resveratrol, but red wine has about 10 times as much as white wine.

Nohang – Can You Prevent A Hangover By Using Nohang?

Do you want to enjoy yourself but can’t handle the hangover? How to prevent a hangover using a non-prescription remedy along with a few essential tips on choosing drinks that are less likely to give you a hangover.

Wine Storage Temperature And The Art Of Imbibing

Modern science, when applied to the millennia old art of wine making, has let the great vineyards of the world produce many vintages which to not need to age in their bottles for extended periods before reaching the peaks of flavor and aroma. But the question remains of how to store other vintages for which the journey to perfection will take more time. A wine cellar is the perfect answer for those who have both the space and the money to indulge in one.

Cork vs Screw Caps – Which is Better

Both cork and screwcaps have their proponents. What are the pros and cons of each?

Good, Cheap Wines

Due to the popularity of wine over the last few years, it is now possible to find wines in the 5.00-12.00 a bottle price range that are quite good. It is best to stick with your well known brands, preferably from California.

Perfect Wines For the Summer

Summertime, with it’s sweltering heat and heavy air, does something to a wine drinker’s palate. Heavy, red wines, tend to make us warm. Take a tour with us and review some of the livelier summer wines.

You Had Me at Merlot – One of the Most Famous Red Wines

At the end of last week, after finishing a wine article on Riesling, I felt a little guilty, bad that I had left red wine out of the limelight. For a while, I shook this feeling off – I mean, I can’t possibly talk about all wine types at all times. But, as I soon felt a bottle of red wine powerfully tapping me on the shoulder and angrily uttering, “Ahem,” I gave in and decided I would do for red what I did for white. Easy there Pahlmeyer Napa, you had me at merlot.

Great White Wines for Summer Defined

Summer is a great time for white wine. There are many different types of white wine for every occasion. Here are some of our favorites!

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