My Wine Education – Studying with the WSET

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In this video I provide a brief background on my wine education and my studies with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust WSET from level one through to level three.

Links below to the schools I studied with

I achieved the following grades:
Level 1 – Pass
Level 2 – Pass with Distinction
Level 3 – Pass with Merit

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Links to the Wine books I use for studying: –
The World Atlas of Wine –
Wine Folly –
The Oxford Companion to Wine –

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How to Use a Hydrometer For Homebrewing Beer

If you asked a bunch of homebrewers what the main items they need for their hobby what do you think they would say? I suppose the most popular responses would be a fermenter, the ingredients including hops, yeast, malt syrup , and an item known as a hydrometer. So what precisely is a hydrometer anyway? Why ought you to have one and how would you use it?

Adult Signature Required – Good Or Bad For Wine Clubs?

Wine clubs wonder whether the government law requiring adult signatures on wine deliveries will hurt their business. This article looks at this issue and if adult signatures required is good or bad for the wine business.

Featuring the Wines of Umbria at Your Next Wine Tasting Event

When looking at wines for your next wine tasting event, consider the wines of the Umbria region of Italy. A red wine club favorite, Umbria provides a colorful history in addition to wonderful wines you can share with your guests.

The Pleasures of Piemonte, Italy – Featuring These Wines at Your Next Wine Tasting Event

If you’re looking for wines to feature at your next wine tasting event, consider wines from the Piemonte region of Italy. Home to many wineries a favorite of Italian wine clubs, by knowing a little history behind this winemaking region, you can offer your guests more than just a great glass of wine.

Consider the Wines of Abruzzo For Your Next Wine-Tasting Party

When you offer a little history about the wine making region as you pour wine at your wine tasting party, you offer your guests a more dimensional look at the taste of the wine. This article looks at the Abruzzo wine making region of Italy, a wine club favorite and home to great wines full of ancient history that will be the hit of your party.

Wine Tasting For Beginners – 3 Easy Steps

I hope you haven’t allowed the ‘rituals’ of wine tasting to keep you from exploring many types of wine. Learning about and trying different types of wine can really be a lot of fun. It can be a nice way to spend an evening with friends and family sharing a bottle of wine that you just discovered.

Learn How to Store Wine

A small wine fridge is a perfect way to store your wines correctly. Available in a variety of sizes and qualities, these mini fridges are designed with your wine in mind.

Wine For the Holidays

During the holidays, a good glass of wine is the perfect treat to top off the occasion. Holidays are a time of bonding and cheer, and having the perfect wine to go along with your festivities will make the celebration that much sweeter.

Learn About the Varieties of Muscat Grapes

Muscat grapes are mostly grown for table grapes, raisins and more importantly, wine. It belongs to the species Vitis vinifera of which 99% of the world’s wine is produced. Ranging from white to almost black in color, Muscat grapes are harvested very late in the growing season, which contributes to their very sweet taste. With over 200 varieties and derivatives read on to learn about some of the main varieties of muscat grapes and their origin.

A Wine Taster’s Guide to Environmental Wines – A Look at Lageder Reds

When looking at wines for your next wine tasting event, consider an environmental wine like the reds of Alois Lageder. A red wine club favorite, Lageder’s wines offer a history of environmental winemaking perfect to share with your guests as you pour a glass.

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