Mushroom Foraging in Napa Valley

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Go along on a mushroom forage in Las Posadas State forest in Angwin, California. Angwin is a small town located in the northern part of Napa Valley. Mushrooms should only be consumed if they are identified by a professional. I am not a mycologist. There are plenty of edible mushrooms in Las Posadas forest, but there are surely mushrooms that could be toxic. Please exercise caution.

Wines for Valentines

Want to choose a romantic wine for your Valentine? Read on for tips to make your special night sizzle.

Sugar on Top: the Basics of Dessert Wines

Most people will agree that wine and dessert go well together, holding hands as they skip into the sunset of your mouth. Just the very image of a glass of wine next to a plate of tiramasu is enough to make most people salivate, drooling like a person about to fall in love at first bite. It seems simple enough: a glass of wine, a plate of sweets, a taste bud or fifty, but wining and dining in this manner needs more than a twinkie and a bottle of sugary liquid; it requires proper pairing of food and wine for the ultimate experience. It also requires a knowledge of what the term “dessert wines” truly entails.

Red Wine: Where Do You Start?

Newcomers to wine often prefer white wine to start off with. Red wine seems less accessible. If you want to get acquainted with red wine, where do you start?

Three Ways to Combat Wine Headaches

Not everyone finds that wine gives them a headache. But if you are one of those who do, it spoils the wine experience. Here’s how to avoid the headaches.

Wine and Cheese: Are There Really Any Rules?

It is quite strange that cheese and wine go together as they are not really natural partners. It is also strange that red wine is more often served with cheese as white is often better. Make sure you provide what tastes good rather than sticking to rules.

British Wine – Really?

Many people think there is no such thing as British wine. They would be surprised at how extensive the British wine industry is.

Riesling: Is it OK to Like It?

Not so long ago Riesling was very unfashionable. This was because a lot of inferior wines became associated with it. Yet Riesling can claim to be one of the greatest and most delicious wines.

All About Scotch

Scotch, the word conjures so many images: open green fields, smoky smell of peat, refined taste and everything Scottish. Scotch, is the pride of Scotland and till date is an integral part of the Scottish economy. So what makes this drink, so lovable and highly appreciated by all.

Thomas Jefferson’s Love Affair With Wine

Although born on the Virginia frontier, Thomas Jefferson became the most knowledgeable wine connoisseur of his age. His tastes in wine covered the world: France, Italy, Germany, Madeira, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary and, of course, America.

How To Decant a Bottle of Wine

Decanting wine is a simple process to help improve the quality of the wine you drink. It is also a step you should never skip. Why should you decant a bottle of wine? To fully enjoy and experience a bottle of wine you should decant and here I’ll show you how.

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