MT. VEEDER AVA – Napa Valley Sub-Appellation Series 5/16

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This “Series” of videos is dedicated to the exploration and education of the Napa Valley Sub-appellations or AVA’s.

In this video we visit the beautiful vineyards in the MT. VEEDER AVA


French Wine Making

Wine making in France is not only a very economically viable activity but is also considered to be no less than any form of art. It is often referred to as an expression of one’s creativity and the maker is literally considered to be an artist.

Champagne Truffles

The first solid chocolate bar is believed to have been produced and put on sale in 1847 by Fry & Sons of Bristol, England. It was in 1875 that a Swiss manufacturer, Daniel Peters, discovered how to blend chocolate with powdered milk. He came up with the world’s first milk chocolate, the precursor to the several dainty and delicious varieties that we relish now.

French Wine Vines

French wine vines and the grapes that grown on them are extremely important in determining the kind of wine which will be produced. There are two grape varieties, red grapes and white grapes. The red grapes are Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Carignan, Cinsault, Gamay, Grenache, Merlot, Mourvedre, Pinot noir and Syrah. Cabernet franc is quite appreciated as any soil can be used to cultivate it. Its wines include Pomerol and Saumur. Cabernet Sauvignon produces wines like Graves and Bergerac. Carignan is present in the south of France and its wines include Cotes du Roussillon and Saint Chinian. Cinsault is a hill side grape variety and some of its wines are Coteaux du Languedoc and Cotes du Ventoux. Gamay produces Beaujolais and Touraine wine. Grenache is used for wines like Cotes de Provence. Merlot is involved in making Pomerol and Cahors. Mourvedre includes wines such as Bandol and Gigondas. Pinot noir is used for making some of the finest wines namely, Pommard and Clos Vougeot whereas Syrah is used for Hermitage wines.

Champagne Ratings

Champagne possesses a unique taste and structure that springs from the region’s chalky soils. Sparkling-wine producers throughout the rest of the world from Spain, Italy, Australia and America have tried to make wine that tastes exactly like champagne, but experts say it does not taste the same. It is this difference that accounts for the substantial price gap between champagne and comparable sparkling wines from other parts of the world.

The French Wine Market

The market for French wine is very large, not only in France, but also in Europe and other parts of the world. French wine has been distinguished by its quality and its unique taste, which is why wine lovers from across the globe have exhibited a clear preference for French wine. Over the years, the market for French wine has grown in large numbers. Among the different types of French wine, Bordeaux wine has a large market by itself due to its status as the largest and oldest wine cultivating region in not just France, but in the world.

Home Wine Racks

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by the fermentation of grape juice over a long period of time.

Wine Cellar Coolers

Wines cellars need to be maintained at an ideal temperature and humidity. Wine coolers are a very essential part of a wine cellar, In fact, a wine cellar is considered to be of no use without an adequate cooler. Wine coolers can be either free standing, built in with the wine cellar or can be hidden under the counter.

Iron Wine Racks

The use of wine racks is a necessity for people who want to set up a personal collection of the finest wines at their home. Wine racks are available in various shapes and sizes as per the needs and preferences of the customers.

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

It is an established fact that wine racks are very useful for the storage of different kinds of wines. Wine lovers can purchase wine racks made of different types of wood or metals such as iron and wrought iron.

Wine Cellar Equipment

There are many kinds of equipment that is essential to make a proper wine cellar. These include wine coolers, wine refrigerators, storage systems and wine racks, among others. Each of these serves different purposes and aids the wine enthusiast to properly maintain his/her wine collection.

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