Mount Palomar Winery with The California Wine Club

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Since 1990 The California Wine Club has been helping small artisan wineries like Mount Palomar Winery.

Find Good Wine For a Reasonable Price

When thinking of this April, two things come to mind: paying our income taxes and hoping the economy has finally bottomed out and will start recovering. Given these two financial matters, looking for wines that offer the best bang for your buck is timely.

Choosing a Good Wine For a Pasta Dinner

Many people love to pair a great wine with their pasta dish. It seems like a very natural combination. While choosing which wines to drink with what dish is ultimately a matter of personal taste, there are some traditional matches.

Varieties of Red Wine

Red wine is often thought of as less accessible than white wines. When most people begin drinking wine they start with white wines. There are several varieties of red wines that you can pair with many different types of food, though; and red wine is worth a try.

Choosing a Good Wine For a Steak Dinner

There are so many wines to choose from that it may be hard to choose one to go with the steak dinner you are planning. Steak is a hearty meal and you need a wine that pairs well with a hearty meat. The general rule is that red wine goes with red meat. Steak is a red meat and you should choose a drier red wine to serve with it.

Wine For Picnics

Wine for picnics usually means gourmet. After all, what’s a gourmet picnic without wine? However you can still bring wine in any kind of picnic if you want – and not necessarily on gourmet. At times, it may also mean celebration. When you’re planning a picnic to celebrate something, say birthday or anniversary perhaps.

Varieties of White Wine

White wines can range in flavor from sweet to dry. They are a great place for a person who has never tried wine to start.

Wines Made From Non-Grape Ingredients

When most people think of wine they think of grapes. While most wines we think of are made with grapes, there are many varieties that are made with other ingredients. Wines can also be made of other fruits, starches and weeds.

Elmswood Estate, Yarra Valley

A few years ago on an impromptu visit to the Yarra Valley, my wife and I came upon a winery that has now become one of the gems to the Yarra Valley wine region. Elmswood Estate winery is situated in the Seville region, about 45 minutes east of Melbourne and is definitely worth a visit, not only for its fine wines, tasty food and friendly staff, but the great views of the Warburton Ranges.

Get a Wine Refrigerator Today and Drink the Best Wine Ten Years From Now!

They say that wine can be stored forever. As the wine ages, it becomes much better in taste and texture. In fact, the best wines of the world are in fact those that have been stored for a long time now. But there has to be proper storage conditions where a wine bottle can be stored. Earlier there used to be dedicated Wine Cellars where wine could be stored. These cellars were usually located underneath the house – usually in the basement – of the wine maker. Nowadays, it is really difficult to construct a cellar due to the extreme shortage of space.

Alessi Anna G Corkscrews – Where Form and Function Meet in Perfect Harmony

Do you like sharing a good bottle of wine with someone special? Perhaps you’re planning on opening that expensive bottle you’ve got tucked away in the cupboard over a romantic dinner for two? Whatever the occasion, no matter how intimate the gathering, there is someone you’ll want to have join you. Don’t worry, she’s a perfect hostess and she won’t spoil the intimacy of your dinner for two. Meet Anna G the corkscrew.

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