Merry QUIZmas – Christmas Wine Quiz

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In this video I test your knowledge of Christmas and wine with ten questions,

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Pinot Grigio – Fashionable Wines From the Pinot Gris Grape

Pinot Gris is a mutation of the Pinot Noir grape variety and is widely planted all over Europe, but it doesn’t seem to know whether it is a dark grape or a light one. This is what makes it so interesting as it adapts the style of wine it produces to its environment.

The Delights of Wine

If you keep a table wine ten years or more, watch it, because some corks grow soft and shrink with age, and excess air gets into the bottle as wine evaporates. You can re-cork old wines after ten years or so, or reseal the bottle by removing the foil and dipping the bottle neck into melted sealing wax.

Grape Planting

Bunches of morsels filled with sweet, juicy goodness — that is what most people think of grapes. Grapes are actually berries, and grow in bunches numbering between six and an amazing 300 individual fruits.

How to Grow Grapes

It seems hard to find anyone who does not know what grapes are. They are grown across the world, and are enjoyed by most people.

Wine Club of Month – The Top Gift For All Wine Enthusiasts!

Are you a wine lover or do you know a wine lover? If you are a wine lover, then you need to know about the wine club of month. Also, if you know a wine lover, then you can give this as a gift and really make them happy. Here are the benefits of joining a wine club.

A Home Beer Brewery of Your Own

Home beer brewing is a growing hobby, and the last few years more and more people started taking part of this ancient tradition. Making your own beer, complete with your own label is a great activity. And with the right equipment, setting up your own home beer brewery is not hard at all. You need to invest a little time to learn how to create a perfectly brewed beer and a little money to buy your first equipment but then you will be able to brew a good tasting beer and save money in the same time.

Red Wine Grapes

In order to make fine red wine a host of factors have to be considered when growing wine grapes. The grape variety to be grown is dependent on the terroir as some grow better in some regions than in others. Terroir is the influence of natural elements – climate, soil type and topography. Hence, the flavor of the red wine grape is characterized by the environment in which the vines grow.

Feeding Grapes

Make Them Round, Plump, and Juicy! Grapes are fruits that grown in clusters on vines. Grapes are enjoyed all across the globe. Certain varieties are used for making wine, and others are meant for eating. These two kinds are called wine grapes and table grapes, respectively.

Wine Making Yeast is a Key Ingredient in Making Wine

There are a variety of yeasts used for making highly qualitative wine. The wine making yeast plays an important role in the extracting process of wine production. Yeast is present in grapes right from the beginning and helps in converting the grape juice sugar into wine. There are a number of wine yeast varieties available that also add nutritional value to the wine.

Wine Without Alcohol?

For some time in Italy has spread the news about the possibility of producing wine or no alcohol-free, private, ie a part of alcohol. This hypothesis, promoted and supported by France and Spain in the institutions of the European Union, raised in Italy a long and probably pointless series of polemics take much to do yet another alarm wine. Many argue that this initiative would be useful to limit the harmful effects of alcohol, and worrisome and its dependence, in particular the tragic consequences of the actions of misguided individuals who have the habit of drinking too much before driving …

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