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Pineapple Wine in Maui Hawaii

One of the things I wondered about the pineapple wine was how it would taste. Pineapple fruit is very sweet, so I thought the wine might taste sort of like a dessert wine. I’ve tasted fruit wines before, ones that were made in the Okanagan valley of BC.

Some Surprising Facts About Australian Wines

Believe it or not, Australia is the fourth-largest exporter of wine in the world, with some 400,000,000 liters of wine exported per year. That’s over 105 million gallons, for you U.S. readers!

Sardinian Wine

Vine-growing, that was probably brought to the island by the Phoenicians, enjoyed a decisive boost between the XIV and XV centuries thanks to the efforts of the judge Eleonora d’Arborea and Alfonse of Aragon, and then with the advent of the Piemontese dominion. Today grape and wine production is a flourishing business thanks to the island’s geographic location, its fertile soil and fine climate – especially on the hills that are protected from the winds. Grapes with high sugar content yield wines, especially whites that attain high alcohol content with respect …

How Do You Compare Red and White Wine?

The main reason that certain wines are recommended with certain foods is that you never want the food to interfere with its flavor, and vice versa. You also want something that’s strong enough to complement the flavors of the food as well.

Learning About Winter Wines

Winter wines are those that are preferred during the cold winter months and that will help take the nip out of the air, giving you a toasty warm feeling all over. These are wines that are considered full-body and lush, as opposed to the light and refreshing wines you would enjoy during the summer months.

Wine for Beginners

Although wine making is relatively easy to do, it’s not something you can just purchase a few supplies and start making great tasting wine this afternoon. There is a little more to it than that. The beginnings of great wine will take some research both online and offline.

Red Wine and Saying Grace

After confessing my yummy teenage kiss-and-tell to a priest I could not see in the dark but could imagine (and imagine I did), I would be rewarded with a sip of wine and some delicious bread. Life was good. So… What does red wine have to do with saying grace?

Store and Preserve Your Red Wine With These Proper Steps

You may not have realized but collecting wines has quietly become the latest rage. Everyone across the country has now started up their own little wine collection. The reason is the process of storing it has become so easy, basically anyone can do it. Here a few steps to follow to make sure you are properly storing your bottles of red wine.

Grapes of the World – Part 1

Do you know where your wine comes from? This article series provides information on many world-renowned grapes that are used in wine production.

Honey Wine Mead is the Perfect Drink For Valentine’s Day

If you would like to try something special and different for Valentine’s Day try some wine called Mead. It is brewed from honey rather than grapes; it has a beautiful golden color and a very long tradition of love.

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