Meet the Winemaker: Bryan Currie of Hungerford Hill

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We met winemaker Bryan Currie of Hungerford Hill for the Homeless Grapes Project pick in Hunter Valley. He shares with us the wine he would drink for the rest of his days and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a winemaker.

Auslese – The German and Austrian Selected Harvest

Auslese is a German wine word for a late harvest wine and is a more developed category than Spätlese in the QmP category of the Austrian and German wine classification. The grapes are chosen from selected and very mature bunches in the autumn, which is late November/early December, and have to be hand picked.

Exceptional Wine – Perrin Cote Du Rhone

This wine can only receive compliments! it is very reasonably priced and very pleasant. You’ll have a hard time refusing a second or even a third glass!

French Wines – Let’s Put Them to Test

Did you know that by not looking more closely at French wines when you go to the market, you’re missing on some of the best tasting wines on the planet? Why do we only stick to our local wines and turn our face away from wines coming from the native country to Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and other grapes used in making wine in the U.S. and Canada? Is it because we don’t know?!

Bottle Shock – Sideways in Napa Valley

Bottle Shock the movie is an entertaining, albeit not completely factual look at the events leading up to the famous 1976 “Judgment in Paris”. In that competition, California wines beat out their French counterparts in a blind tasting, putting California wines firmly on the wine map. It is a good romp in the vineyard and shows us what the Napa of old was like and how things have changed since.

A Quick and Easy Reference Guide to Matching Cheese and Wine

If you are like most people, trying to remember which cheeses go with which wines is virtually impossible. Even when you swear that the next time you walk into the store you will remember what you liked the last time or the tip that someone told you, inevitably, you forget and are forced to re-select among the 100’s of wine and cheese choices. Here are some easy tips to help you next time you are looking to pair wine and cheese together:

Versatile Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are great glasses to serve a variety of wine in or your favorite specialty drink. They make great gift ideas.

How to Choose the Best Wine

A wine looks its best colour when set against a white background. Pairing of wine with the right kind of food is very important. But it is a misconception that wines cannot be mixed and matched with different food. It is all a matter of the palate and flavour interaction. While some wines accentuate some flavours, others can actually do the exact opposite. It is a matter of your sensory organs coming to your rescue here. While doing so, we should also consider that if the wine is heavy or light. More often than not, full bodied wines are served with heavy food.

Home Wine Rack – Tips For Buying a Home Wine Rack

How important is a home wine rack? Your wine is precious to you right? Well if it is, don’t you think it deserves to be properly cared for and stored?

12 Things You Must Do to Have a Great Winery Tour Weekend

Here’s how to make your winery tour weekend a fantastic time and not a disaster. At the winery we’ve seen many thousands of visitors come and go. You see some groups having a great time while others shouldn’t have left home. These 12 time proven tips will ‘stress proof’ your next winery tour weekend.

The Best Ways to Find the Wines You Love!

The best and least expensive way to sample different wines (and this is a handy method for experienced wine shoppers, too) is to visit one of the wineries which offer free tasting for their visitors. There are scores of such wineries in California and all over the nation. You might also get yourself invited to one of the wine-tasting parties at which vintners supply free wines, which they do frequently in a number of American cities whose state laws permit it.

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