Mario Bazán Cellars: Crafts exquisite small-batch Cabernet

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Mario Bazán arrived in Napa Valley in 1973. His experience farming Napa Valley Cabernets spans more than 40 years. He was the first vineyard supervisor of acclaimed To Kalon and Opus One vineyards while working for Robert Mondavi Winery. In 1998, he formed a highly regarded vineyard management company.

New Year’s Eve Sparkling Options

What to bring for New Year’s Eve? It’s a tough call.

The Best Way to Match Food and Wine

Have you ever experienced the gorgeous marriage of flavours that can result from perfectly matched food and wine? Sometimes it happens more by accident than design, but get the combination right once and the effect can be so sublime it spurs you to seek it out with other foods.

Wine Tasting – Cool Climate Wines

When you think of wine tasting tours, you tend to think of glorious valleys that are bathed in glorious sunlight all year round, but in recent years cool climate wines have become very popular, and there are now tours and festivals all geared towards celebrating a less temperate form of grape. For those who consider themselves to be amateur wine connoisseurs, the first sip of a cool climate wine may come as something of a surprise. Cool climate wines tend to be high in acid and lower in alcohol, and oftentimes sugar has to be added to give the alcohol content a little kick.

California Winemaking Comes of Age

California wines have a long history. The best wines can compete with Europe’s best wines in head to head competition.

Making Fruit Wine

Do you make wine at home? Have you thought of using a fruit other than grapes? There is not much difference in making different types of fruit wine. We hope to explain the most important factors to consider when making fruit wine.

Wine Reviews Drive Me Crazy – Same Words Just Different Wines

Wine reviews are like the point system used by wine magazines in rating wines. Most people rarely agree and can’t exactly figure out how to use the information in the real life. For example, I have never smelled or tasted leather in a wine. I guess I would like to. I wish I had the palate of a world class Master Sommellier, but most people don’t, so l need reviews that break out notes specific to the senses I use in defining wine: Aroma, Taste, and Appearance. After all, there are only a handful of words used that seem to describe all wines.

The Truth About Wine Aeration

The truth is, wine will aerate on its own, as soon as you pop the cork and pour it into your glass. And the truth also is – that may not be enough.

Snacks To Have When Wine Tasting

Whenever you have guests in your home it’s always a good idea to have some snacks available for your guests, but what you have on offer really depends on what the event is. The one thing that might be a little different is a wine tasting evening in the home, as all that is really required are some palate cleansers to keep the taste buds neutral between each taste. Snacks may not necessarily be required, but it’s still a nice hosting touch to add little finger foods and snacks that your guests will enjoy, and which complement the…

Crystal Wine Glasses – How Their Shape and Size Affects the Flavor and Taste of Wines

Over many years, experienced crystal stemware experts have deduced by trial and error that the shape and size of a wine glass dramatically affects the bouquet and taste of alcoholic beverages. The same wine will display completely different characteristics when served in a variety of stemware pieces so much so that experienced oenophiles thought they were tasting different wines.

Do You Feel the Bottle Deposit You Pay Is a Tax or a Deposit? Try Getting Your Deposit Back

Some things I guess simply fall into the category of a pet peeve. Bottle deposits or CVR is probably in this category. But, I still hate to have people try and pull the wool over my eyes, and a deposit seems to be one of those things a person ought to get back and as easily as it was paid out. Only 11 states have the deposit and luckily for me, it isn’t on wine…yet. Nonetheless, it is a tax and not a deposit. Politician are real wordsmiths don’t you agree. Yeah, it really is a tax but at least you can see the resultant good in our daily lives. Most new commercial airplanes made in the US are made with recycled aluminum. Not bad.

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