MARATHON Wine Tasting! Your Ultimate Guide to the Vintages of Sauternes

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Tasting 10 Vintages of Sauternes 1995 to 2016! What’s the Best Vintage for Sauternes? Watch Episode 1 of the Series:

Tasting 11 different vintages of Grand Cru Classé winery located near Bordeaux, making Botrytis sweet dessert wines, from vintage 1995 to 2016, through 2000, 2002, 007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015. Complete wine tasting notes, aromas, flavor descriptions, ratings and reviews. Finding out which is the best vintage of Sauternes of the past 20 years, what are the vintage variations and scores (better than Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate’s or of any critics really ;-). Part of the Tasting with Julien video series….

A huge thank you to Chateau Coutet for sending me those wines. Wine commentators like me who make free content available to everyone, unlike a lot of wine critics, need this kind of support. This is not sponsored, but Coutet supplied all of these beautiful wines which is not a small thing. So check those guys out, they deserve it.

The château is an English fortress that was built in the 13th Century. In 1787, Thomas Jefferson the former US President who was a lover of Bordeaux wines and who made his own classification, ranked Château Coutet as the best Sauternes from Barsac. Now owned by the Baly family since 1977, Coutet is exclusively distributed by the Baron Philippe de Rothschild group, owner of Mouton Rothschild. Some friendly people there. Anyhow, let’s get tasting.


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