Manzanilla Vs Fino Sherry | What’s the Difference?

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Detailing what are the differencies and smilarities between two relative styles of Spanish Sherry fortified wines (Vinos de Jerez): Fino and Manzanilla.

Read more about the key differences between Manzanilla & Fino Sherry:

One is made in the town of Jerez in Andalucia, Southern Spain, the other in Sanlucar de Barrameda, a coastal town that benefits from cooling climatic influences from the Mediterranean sea allowing for the production of fine, salty and mineral dry Sherry wines.

Finding out what are the aromatic and taste differences between two representative examples of both Fino and Manzanilla styles: La Guita Manzanilla and Inocente Fino by Bodegas Valdespino.

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