Love Pinot Grigio? Try These White Wines

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If you love New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Italian Pinot Grigio, then you should know about these lesser-known white wine varieties. Each wine represents a unique place in the world. SEE MORE BELOW!

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If you need an excuse to get into white wines, here are several:
• They’re cheaper than red wines (but not lower quality).
• They make a great beer substitute with little to no carbs.
• White wines have subtle flavors and teach you how to smell critically.
• Pairing food with white wine is simple.
• The only trouble with white wines is that they’re too easy to drink.

This video explores 4 white wines including Picpoul de Pinet, Vinho Verde, Grüner Veltliner, and a Colombard-Ugni Blanc blend from Côtes de Gascogne.

5 Popular Red Wine Grape Varieties

Red wines are rich wines that come from a variety of red grapes that grow all over the world. Depending upon the terrain of the earth that yields the grapes, the flavors of the grapes will produce wines that might vary wildly in flavor, but are all very tasty just the same. The wine grape varieties that produce the wines that we love are grown in the U.S., Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, and in other smaller regions. Here is a look at five of the wine grape varieties that produce some of the best red wines on the market, past and present.

Making Wine at Home Easily

Many wine collectors enjoy their wine so much that they turn their passion for wine into the hobby of creating their very own wines. Others are simply casual drinkers who enjoy the art of wine making. Whether one is a collector or a more casual enjoyer of wine, a number of elements should be considered in order to ensure that the home wine making procedure is a success.

Champagnes Vs Sparkling Wines: Your Guide To Understanding the Differences

For centuries, Champagne has been associated with parties, glamor, romance, and celebrations. Whether having a romantic anniversary dinner for two or ringing in the New Year with friends, people around the world love “bubbly.” While Champagne is a sparkling wine, not every sparkling wine is Champagne.

Wine Tasting for Beginners: Tips To Wine Taste Like A Sommolier

It is the most widely asked question among wine beginners: How do I properly taste wine? Many sommeliers have various techniques for tasting wines. But all agree, each wine should be judged equally using the same repetitive technique. There is no order of operation for tasting wine, but there are a few tips to making your tasting experience more pleasurable. Consistency is key to primary component in properly judging the color, smell, and taste of a wine.

How Does Wine Glass Shape Affect Taste?

What sets wine drinkers apart from wine enthusiasts? Wine enthusiasts know that the size, color, and shape of a wine glass can significantly affect your perception of the wine that’s poured into it. Before you run out and buy stemware, you should know how to determine which wine vessel will bring out the best in your wine.

Properly Storing Wine in Sub Zero Appliances

Wine can be stored easily in your own home without having an entire wine cellar. These are a few tips on how to properly store wine in a refrigerated wine storage unit and other major kitchen appliances.

UK Brewers Industry Predictions For 2011

Britain’s national drink, beer, is always refreshing whether a hot or cold day. Over the past decade UK beer drinkers have developed a thirst for premium beers, real ale, full-flavoured ales and smooth porters.

Drinking Champagne

Some people say that champagne hangovers are no different from regular hangovers, except that you feel a lot classier. Whereas others swear by their favourite bottle of Bollinger that they never ever get hangovers from champers.

Wine Tour of New Zealand – Discover The Different Wines Produced

There are so many different wine regions in New Zealand, which makes a wine tour of New Zealand a unique experience every single time. In total, there are 8 specific regions in the two islands of this country that have wineries. These 8 regions are responsible for making some of the best wines in the world. The unique location of this country allows it to have a varied landscape that can produce many different types of grape varieties, which is something few other countries can do.

Facts About How to Grow Grapes at Home

By knowing the Facts about how to grow grapes at home you would clearly have a good picture of what it would look like in your house if you plant a grapevine inside.Knowing the best grape to grow is a plus in helping you succeed in growing grapes at home. Having a guide in doing so makes your rate of success to a hundred percent.

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