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Rosé is fastest growing style in wine in the past 5 years. Lets explore the wine and its styles. Wine details here: https://winefolly.com/episode/lets-explore-rose-wine-methods-video/

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Madeline Puckette explores two different winemaking methods in rosé wine. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know!

Wine Cellar Cooling Units

How can you best preserve your wine? Today we do not have to build a wine cellar in the basement to keep your our product in perfect condition. There are several things you should take into consideration for a proper maturation of wine, for example: moisture, temperature, darkness, vibrations, as well as proper placement of your bottles (always horizontally so that it is in contact with cork), this way guaranteeing that your wine is in ideal conditions at the time of consumption.

Australian Wine – How Marketing Took Australia From ‘Darling’ To ‘Dominator’ In the Wine Industry

In recent years, Australia has definitely been in the right place at the right time, Australian wine is offered at a variety of price points, often in innovative packaging or blends, all backed by aggressive marketing, both on the air as well as in stores. The result of the consolidation and marketing blitz has saturated the market with Australian wines, many brilliant, others mediocre, but all priced to move. Some of the Australian wines made by the big five makers are household names in Western markets, including Penfolds, Rosemount, Lindemans, Banrock Station, Jacob’s Creek and Yellow Tail all of which…

Russian River Wine – A Wine Lover’s Bucket List Trip

If you love to go wine tasting and you love great wine, a trip to the Russian river Valley in Sonoma County is a must do. This diversity of great wine is hard to find in any other venue. Outstanding whites, rich full bodied reds, sparkling wines and dessert wines that scream for some dark chocolate are all on the menu. Large corporate wineries reside next door to small family offerings. Whatever you are looking for in a wine tasting experience, you will find more than you could expect in exploring Russian River Wine.

Aspects of Wine Storage

Wine has been existence for thousands of years since the ancient Romans were there to the modern Americans. The lavish drink is really enjoyed each and every part of the continent. Now days wine can be found on the local grocery stores and one should be very careful on how to store the wine so that it can be in a position to last for a very long time.

Different Wine Different Taste

One of the vital things that one should know in mind is that in order for one to determine the type of wine and how it will taste one is suppose to know what types of grapes are used in making of wine that is first thing that one should look for. But doing that one will have saved wine without wasting it. Grapes are usually vines fruits that are usually grown in each and every country.

The Wine Aficionada’s Guide to Loving Wine – Part III – To Thine Own Palate Be True

One of the first things I understood when exploring wines, was to stay true to my own taste. I prompted my mom to do the same, and our dining experience was all the better.

Choosing Wine Cabinet Furniture For Your Home

If you appreciate wine so much that you would certainly desire to have it stored only in the finest quality cabinets on the marketplace, then as another wine passionate, I will completely agree on that one. This way, you will absolutely handle your favorite beverage with the respect that it has earned through its taste and magnificent color. Also, wine cabinet furniture will significantly improve the areas of your storage space and it can certainly make the ambience more pleasing. Using only the best wine cabinet furniture, you will certainly sustain the flavor and quality of all of your wine beverages.

How to Make Wine From Grapes – A Do It Yourself Grape Wine

Grapes are the raw material from which all wines are made excluding fruit and other wines of course. Due to technological advancements, an almost limitless variety of wines can be made each with their own distinct flavor and appearance. Such advancements have also allowed the average consumer to make wine in their own home with homemade wine recipes.

Winemaking at Home – The Basics

Winemaking at home is a fairly simple art believe it or not. Many people take up this art as part of a hobby and try to find easy guides on how to make delicious wines which are fun and easy to make. Although wines primarily use grapes, other fruits can be used in their place. By following a simple guide, you will be able to make a great wine.

The Top Home Wine Making Recipes

The art of winemaking is an age old practice and many new recipes have been made from the refinement of old recipes. Many recipes can be found which, although may seem old, are still quite popular and great tasting.

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