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Is Europe A Wine Country?

Europe’s wine countries include France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and England. Italy used to be known as “Oenotria” by the Greeks, which translates to “the land of wine.”

Which Wine Goes Best With Which Food?

Most people know that certain wines are best to accompany certain foods. The problem is remembering which wine goes best with which food. The basic rule is: white wine with fish and poultry dishes, red wine with red meats and cheese. The other “correct” choices, if you aren’t on a strict financial diet, are sherry with the appetizers and port with desert. But remember that none of this is written in stone.

Wine Coolers – Essential Wine Accessory

A wine cooler is an absolutely essential accessory if you are serving white wine. White wine should always, ALWAYS be served chilled. Notice that the key word here is “chilled,” and not “cold.” There is a difference.

The List Of Essential Wine Accessories

Wine accessories are like all other accessories. They aren’t necessary, but they do add to the experience. A bottle of wine, a corkscrew, and a glass pretty much covers the necessities of enjoying a glass of wine, but there are some accessories that can make the wine more enjoyable.

The Challenge Of Wine Labeling

The challenge of reading and understanding the information that is printed on the label of a wine bottle is more than a little daunting. There was a time when the label on a wine bottle simply told the user what kind of wine was in the bottle and where and when the wine had been made. That is just no longer the case.

Wine Basket Ideas

Need a gift for a celebration? Wine gift baskets are a great way to give a gift to anyone on your list. You can custom design your own or buy a gift basket with certain items in mind.

The What Should Be Common Sense Guide To Boozing On The Town

Since most people that frequent bars have never had the duty of working in one, it is often unclear to the customer as to what proper bar etiquette actually is. After working in the bar and restaurant industry for the past nine years of my life, there are certain trends that I have seen amongst clientele that are certainly NOT ok. However, with a little bit of guidance, I truly believe that if the ‘uniformed’ became informed, it would make the bar experience more enjoyable for everyone. Listed are ten points of advice that are crucial to know when frequenting a bar because not only will knowing these points put you in the good graces of those serving you, but you may even get a free drink out of it!

The Wine Tasting Or, Should We Say, Wine Smelling Experience

Smell, emotion and memory are linked and affect the wine tasting experience. Much of what we call taste is actually our sense of smell.

Cool Beer Anytime With Beer Tap Dispensers

Bring home a Beer Tap Dispenser to enjoy cold beer anytime you like. These are stylish units that are available with a single tap, two taps or even three taps.

Wine Tastings on Weekends in Asheville

For the visitor to Asheville, one great way to take in the local flavor of this mountain getaway is to sample wines at some of the local wine tastings. Many of the wine markets in Asheville also co-sponsor wine pairing dinners with local restaurants.

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