Learn How to Taste Wine Like An Expert

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Notes When Buying Perfect Wine Cellar Racks

To the occasional wine drinker, a wine rack is a convenient place to store their bottles. To enthusiasts and collectors, wine cellar racks are like time capsules. Not only do they preserve the wine but they also contribute to actually making it taste better.

Brewing Equipment Can Help Bring an Enjoyable Pastime to Life

The art of making a good beer has been practiced for thousands of years with roughly the same brewing equipment, and like any branch of the arts has not, and possible will never reach perfection. The driving factor in this phenomenon is experience. Something may be perfect at the moment, but can quickly get old driving the drinker to try a new flavor or style that temporarily takes the title of perfect beer, and this is all an individual preference.

Save Money on Wine Tasting

Tasting fees at wineries can be expensive. Most wineries in the Napa Valley are charging between $10-$40 for sampling wine at their wineries. How can you save money and still enjoy wine tasting in Napa and other wine regions?

Wine Bars For a Wine Lover’s Home

Are you a wine aficionado? Do you love drinking wine? Do you like to have bottles of chilled wine ready to drink anytime you feel like it? If so, then it is high time that you get your own wine bar at home. Bars are wine storage that can store as few as six bottles to as many as a few hundreds.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Wine Glass

If you are just hanging out and drinking wine as merely a refreshment with a meal, and you are not actually paying any mind to or thinking about the glass container you chose to use. The glass might have been the first one you picked up off the cupboard shelf, possibly a jelly glass or perhaps just a plastic cup, just your daily glassware.

Wine and Health

Wine and its health benefits have always been a burning topic of discussion. There are many myths and facts surrounding this topic. In this article I would like to list out some of the facts which concern about health and drinking wine.

Simple Wine Glass Advice

Our family gathers at least twice a year for a big sit-down dinner together. Last Thanksgiving, it was my wife’s and my turn to feed the clan, which added to 39 hungry individuals. By subtracting the kids and the beer drinkers, my task was to gather enough wine glasses for about 29 adults. After pulling our glass serving collection out of the cupboard, I counted 11-white wine, 7-red wine, 5-brandy snifter, 3-champagne and 2-pilsner beer glasses for a total of 28 glasses. The last person lucked out and received a small water glass to enjoy the wine.

Wine and Beef – A Good Tasting Combination

One of many people’s favorite foods is a good cut of beef cooked to perfection. Many also enjoy a good glass of wine along with the beef. The question for a lot of us is what wine to pour to go along with your perfect beef selection. What wine would enhance the flavor of beef if accompanied with a heavy sauce? Of course, it matters what one’s personal wine preference is, but it also matters how the beef is cooked.

Why Should Red Wine Have All the Fun?

Have you noticed that in the wide world of wine, reds seem to get all the attention? Read on for a few good reasons to swirl a glass of white now and then!

Homemade Hungarian Red Wine

Many people are only acquainted with wine types from France and Italy, since these are two of the major wine producers in the world. What many people seem to overlook are the Eastern European areas where the wine is more than a business, but a tradition that goes back centuries ago. The homemade Hungarian red wines are less known to the world, but they certainly worth being discovered.

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