Learn by drinking: Argentina (Course Preview!)

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Just launched, the complete Argentina wine course by Wine Folly. Available Now! with wines at https://wfol.ly/argentina-yt

This course is a guided tasting tour of Argentina’s wine country.

We’ll be tasting 6 wines, including the region’s top styles of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Torrontés while we learn how to taste quality.. and where to find it!

* Know how to identify great quality and age-worthiness in Argentina wines.
* Feel knowledgable about the region and gain an expert’s point of view.
* Associate wine flavors with the variety, winemaking method, and regional terroir.
* Expand your palate and taste wine like a pro, with a pro.

Who is This Course For?

* People who want to learn about wine. (No prior wine knowledge necessary.)
* Beginners and intermediate wine drinkers who need a solid foundation to build upon.
* People who’ve heard the terms “tannins,” “balance,” “age-worthy,” “structured,” “closed,” “QPR,” “bright,” and “flabby” and wondered what they mean.
* Professionals who want to feel at ease wining and dining with important clients.
* People capable of taking notes, slowing down their wine consumption in order to think, and applying the concepts and tools in this course.
* Those who work in hospitality looking to increase their tips and overall professional experience.
* Individuals and small groups who love food, wine, and culture.

Meet your guide:

Hi, I’m Madeline Puckette. I’m the winner of the International Wine and Spirit Competition “Wine Communicator of the Year,” I wrote a James Beard award-winning book about wine, and I have 10+ years working the wine trade from lowly wine cellar rat, to sommelier.

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