Learn About Chenin Blanc – Wine 101/Wine Class

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Chenin Blanc is a variety that many don’t discuss. It is however a useful tool in the Sommelier’s arsenal because of its unique flavor complexities. It has deep history in California and has its place in South Africa where it’s the most planted grape. France’s Loire Valley is also home to Chenin Blanc. In this video I discuss this grape variety from a cool location in South Napa. Enjoy! and please Subscribe to my channel.

The History of Your Favourite Alcohol

Throughout recorded history there has always been alcohol in of some variety,think of this, when you are sitting on a Friday night with your vodka and coke or Pernod and lemonade, does it ever cross your mind how exactly the drink came about. Below is a history of some of the more popular drinks that are enjoyed today such as vodka, gin, Pernod and cachaca.

Port Sippers – An Executive Gift

Port Sippers are delightful traditional way to sip port. They are a mis-understood accessory to the quality port lovers. Discover how you can enjoy one of man’s favorite drink in style!

Port – What Foods Go With It?

Ports are seen usually as a dessert or after dinner drink. Here we suggest other uses for port, such as with main meals and entrees. One can be easily surprised when one experiments!

Port – When To Enjoy It

Port is one of the delights that has come to us with a rich history. It originates from Portugal. Like many inventions, port came about through necessity. Sailors could not preserve their wines! The process of making has changed little and the enjoyment is still there. However these tips may help the novice.

Port – A Short Story

Port and other fortified wines have a unique story. A brief snap-shot of the some important facts are presented here.

How To Be The Greatest Bartender

Do you want to be the greatest bartender in your locality? Is it your desire to master the art of bartending to the point that people will be asking you to take their orders all the time? Then this is for you. Learn the secrets of GREAT bartenders in this article.

South Africa’s Top Wines Of Origin

The South African winners from Constantia are the Klein Constantia Marlbrook 2005 (Top Red Blend), Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2001 (Top Natural Dessert Wine) and Steenberg Merlot 2005 (Top Merlot). The Klein Constantia Vin de Constance 2001 is also the wine that received the highest rating of all the wines entered. The Muscat de Frontignan grapes used for this wine come from the historic vineyards on Klein Constantia.

Port – Which One To Choose?

The vexing question often asked is “What port should I choose”. There are some tips and guides to help, however it is always more important to enjoy the moment.

Liquor Distillion from Fruit

There is practically no variety of fruit that cannot be enjoyed in alcoholic form, from cactus fruits from the desert or berries from the Arctic. But not all varieties of fruit are equally suitable for producing spirits. It depends greatly on the fruit’s sugar content.

Distillation From Plants and Roots

Some 1,500 years before Christ, these licorice-flavored spirits were valued as healing agents by the Egyptians. In the nineteenth century, absinthe, a potent aniseed aperitif distilled from wormwood, became a highly fashionable drink on both sides of the Atlantic, but intemperate enjoyment of it proved dangerous because it often led to madness or death. Consequently, early in the twentieth century, it was banned in many countries.

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