LangeTwins Winemaker explains Fume Blanc

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Premier Series members in The California Wine Club are enjoying LangeTwins 2019 Jahant Woods 03 Vineyard, Lodi Fumé Blanc. Crafted from the unique Musqué selection, the wine boasts the hallmark floral and melon
notes this clone is known for. On the palate, light and refreshing citrus notes merge with a hint of gooseberry. These bright flavors are balanced by a creamy texture from three months in barrel and sur-lie aging, creating an even mouthfeel.

Kosher Wine: What Makes It Different?

Kosher wines are very important to the Jewish faith. What makes it different though?

Behind The Wine At Guy Allion Touraine And Their Signature Wine

The wonderful winemakers of Guy Allion is a beautiful story of family and an overwhelming passion for wine, which has seen family members across the years become a part of the business. Found in a quaint village in the Loire Valley region of Touraine, Guy Allion is a small winery making wines with a big impact.

A Guide to Fine Wine

Find out the differences between old world and new world wine. Also, we discuss what sort of wine is produced in different regions around the world.

Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Going Out To Drink

Alcoholism is a serious issue that has a disastrous impact on your and your family’s lives. So, remember that there is no harm in drinking as long as you drink responsibly. Drinking responsibly is all about enjoying the alcohol and not allowing it to overpower your senses.

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How To Food and Wine Match With Bordeaux Fine Wines

Learning to food and wine match can be a little daunting for those who haven’t done it before. Let’s be honest, when having a dinner party or a few friends over for a gossip, deciding which wines go better with the food you’re serving tends to slip from most people’s thoughts.

Why Does Food And Wine Need To Match At Dinner Parties?

The idea of a dinner party is quite old fashioned, but it hasn’t stopped more and more people jumping on the trend and inviting their nearest and dearest over for a home cooked feast. It seems however that one of the most important aspects of a dinner party is ensuring that the wine and food match harmoniously.

The Best Way to Pair Wines With Your Food (Part 3)

As soon as you have learned how to taste food and wine together and the most basic guidelines in pairing wines with your food, the next step you need to do is to learn more about tastes. There are four to five flavours that you should be well acquainted with if you wish to delve further into food and wine pairing and these are sweetness, saltiness, the Japanese umami, acidity and bitterness. The way you will combine all these together will make you an equal to any artist.

Presenting The Perfect Red Wine Gift Box

There’s nothing quite like panicking about buying a gift for someone, when you have no idea where to even begin to look for present they would enjoy. Chocolates and flowers are all very cliche, which is why wine makes such a great alternative.

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