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“Our priority has always been to connect people to the land through wine,” say Founders (and twin brothers) Brad and Randall Lange. These fourth-generation Lodi wine-grape farmers grew up on the land they still farm to this day. It was here, at their River Ranch in Lodi, where they had countless childhood adventures, raised their families, and reignited their love for the land. “We respect the land where our vineyards grow – our family’s connection to nature gives our wine its foundation and individuality. We feel really responsible to enhance the habitat. It’s an obligation. At the end of the day, if we want to be generational, we must be sustainable.”

Top Cheap Australian Red Wines to Try This Year

Australia is home to some of the best makers of red wine in the world. This article will be your guide to the top Australian red wines to try this year.

Some Important Advantages Associated With Kegerators

No doubt, electric products have brought ease and comfort in our life. One of such products is kegerator as it has a lot of benefits or advantages. People should be aware about advantages that it is delivering.

What Makes Cabs a Favorite Among Wine-Growers Worldwide?

Among the many grape varietals out there used for wine production, one of the top favorites is Cabernet Sauvignon. Aside from the fact that it can be grown in practically every winemaking region in the world, it is also ideal for aging and making wine blends.

Getting Excellent Wine Bottles by Understanding Wine Labels

Generally, we can’t have a sip of the wine we intend to buy before paying for it first. If you want to be sure that the bottle you’ll get is of high quality, learn how to understand wine labels.

The Continuing Saga of America’s Consumption of Wine

National Prohibition Act was the law of the land from 1920 to 1933. Finally when the National Repeal became effective the wine industry was in ruins. Some wineries managed to survive by getting permits to make wine for medicinal and sacramental purposes, still wine production was at an all-time low.

More on The History of Wine

This is Part II of the History of Wine. In this article you will discover how California grew to such a huge wine industry over a 20 Year span. Also you will hear about the grape vine root fungus called Phylloxera, that nearly destroyed all the vineyards in Europe. Also Americans were excessive with their consumption of alcohol and many suffered from Alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

Wines to Try in 2013

Ever wondered what other wines other than regular are worth trying? We have analyzed a few wines and found some interesting ones that are worth trying.

Environmentally Friendly Mezcal and Pulque Production in Oaxaca, Mexico

The production of mezcal and pulque in Southern Mexico, Oaxaca in particular, represent two very green and sustainable industries. Virtually every part of the plant is used, as are the by-products from baking the agave, from fermenting, and from distilling. Some by-products have multiple uses. And the tools of the trade are surprisingly environmentally friendly and reusable.

Fine Wines Are Beyond Comparison

Let’s come up with a definition of fine wine. It is definitely not drug store wine. The cost is actually not the most important thing. The flavors must blend together, there must be a bouquet, and it must be memorable. Bad wine is worse than no wine at all.

Social Media – A Viable Promotional Tool For Breweries

Beer, breweries, brewing and the power of social media in marketing and advertising. Are you using social media sites to the best advantages?

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