Kriselle Cellars: Gifts from an Ancient River in your Glass

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The wild and scenic Rogue River winds through Southern Oregon like a song on route to the blue Pacific. Along the way, it touches the border of Kriselle Cellars’ estate bestowing unique gifts of soil. The vineyard’s south-facing slope was molded by the river’s ancient passage, and it left alluvial remains, sedimentary layers and smooth round river rock that today shape the wines at Kriselle Cellars. Learn more about this winery:

The Benefits of Aerating Wine

As the phrase suggests, the concept of wine aeration involves letting wine breathe. This is done to maximize the wine’s exposure to surrounding air. Once wine mixes and mingles with air, it warms up and this leads to the opening up of the wine aromas. Consequently, the flavor profile softens and mellows out to improve the overall taste of the wine.

Fast Tips on How to Choose a Wine

How many times have you stood in a supermarket staring at the selection in the bottle aisle without having any idea what to choose?Don’t worry as you Wineare not the only one to whom this happens.There are many people out there who do not know what bottle of wine goes best with a particular type of meal.

Three, Unusual Red Wines to Try

Many of us play safe with wine purchases – we stick to what we know we like. So that means more Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz and most other grapes never get a look in. But if you’re feeling adventurous, here’s a few other suggestions to try.

Holiday Food

As many of us jet off to sunnier climes in search of the Holy Tan, we take a look at the kind of grub you can expect to encounter when you leave the land of bacon, egg and chips behind you. Greece – Tried and tasted – Moussaka, taramasalata, hoummus and deep-fried calamari are not the lone staples of Greek cuisine. Yiros are not unlike the doner kebabs you can buy in England, but they come in a thick, doughy pita bread that is like an Indian naan.

Fair Trade Food

Ensuring a minimum price for coffee does not mean that the product has to be expensive – you only pay an additional ten or 15p. And this is what you could be rescuing third world farmers from: Gabriel Nate – a Bolivian cocoa farmer in the Alto Beni region – told Traidcraft: “You know, tradesmen rip you off, they don’t pay you cash.”

Wine Tasting Techniques for the Beginner

There is something debonair and sophisticated about a man who knows his wines and who is at home savouring and drinking the “nectar of the gods.” What may not be very obvious to many is that this is a skill that can be learned and mastered beyond just knowing that red wines go with meat and whites go with fish and other seafood.

Removing and Saving Wine Labels

We seem to be a society that collects things, bottle caps, stamps, beer cans, trading cards, sports memorabilia, door knobs, wine corks, wine labels, etc. There are an endless number of collectors and an endless number of things that are collected. I collect wine labels.

Tips for Choosing a Wine Pairing With Salmon

Have you ever wondered about the art of wine tasting? Have you ever wanted to be an expert at wine pairing? Do you want to hone the sacred craft of the wine taste?

The Second Week of Notes – All About Wine and Wine Tasting

In keeping with notes on wine tasting and all about wine, we need to remember to keep in mind the quality and the price of each wine, after all it is all about the wine. The wine tasting notes for this week are for another four and relate to drinking wines for celebrating, so a slightly bigger budget. The wines this time are around the $19 to $40 price per bottle.

Tips for Choosing Wine for That Special Celebration

From the Greeks an age ago, wine has enjoyed popularity as that most celebrated of drink; a good wine can convey emotions, set the tone for an event, and compliment the perfect meal. Choosing your wine from a selection as diverse and numbered as grains of sand on a beach, then, can be a difficult task: what grape do you prefer? what year?

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