Kreck Wines Focuses on Old Vine Zinfandel

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Founders Jeremy and Mindy Kreck are single minded when it comes to wine. “We’ve always loved Zinfandel but what really piques our interest are the unique and scarce old-vine vineyards,” says Jeremy. Carefully sourced grapes are crafted into wine using minimal intervention. “Our goal is to let the history and the growers, and the soil and site speak for themselves,” says Mindy. Learn more about this winery:

The New Wine Aerator Discovery By a World Class Chef

There are roughly 8 designs of wine aerators. Of the 8 designs, there seems to be 4 categories: bottle-top/in-neck, venture-effect, decanter, and dip tube/in bottle.

Comparing Table Wines With Fortified Wines

Most discount wines in online wine stores or liquor shops consist of vin de table labels or fortified wines. Table wines are usually low-quality products that didn’t pass classification for appellation to a famous winery or wine making region. Fortified wines are served either as aperitif or digestif, and used in cooking or drank as dessert wines.

Garnish Tips

One of the most important parts of a drinks overall appearance and appeal is the garnish. Most customers know exactly which garnish their drink should be served with. Garnishes add to the drink’s appearance and some affect the taste.

Basic Beer Ingredients

Listed below are the essential ingredients to most beer. The taste and quality of the beer is directly proportional to the quality of the ingredients used for brewing. Breweries tend to keep a watch on their coveted recipes.

5 Tips While Selecting The Best Wine Glass

There is no point spending a lot of money on expensive wine if you do not know which wine glass should be used to serve the drink you have purchased. Pouring white wine in a champagne flute will spoil your experience. Pouring red wine in a white wine glass will leave you dissatisfied.

Add Zing To Your Dinner Date – Choose Perfect Wine Glasses For Your Choice Of Wines

Having a few bottles of Bordeaux or Chardonnay wine at your disposal can convert your ordinary date night into a romantic dinner date where your partner feels like royalty. However, many persons end up feeling disappointed that their idea to add wine to the menu did not create the impact they wanted. Well, serving wine in plastic cups during the date is going the spoil the effect.

The Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Consumption

As many of us know, the benefits of a glass or two of our favorite tipple can have many positive effects on our emotional state of being. We can become more sociable, less inhibited, our confidence may increase and a general feeling of relaxation may ensue.

Masters of Wine and Master Sommelier – The Pinnacle of The Wine Knowledge

There are two categories that designate a level of competence concerning wine that are indisputable-Masters of Wine and Master Sommelier. The Master of Wine is focused on the business and educational side of the industry and the Master Sommelier is primarily focused on the food service side of the business-restaurant. If a person enjoys wine with a meal in a fine restaurant, enjoy an opportunity to converse with a trained Master Sommelier.

Hangover Recovery 101: How to Survive the Day After New Year’s Eve

Excessive consumption of alcohol causes a delayed effect called a hangover. The hangover starts after the euphoric effects of ethanol have subsided. Hangover symptoms may persist for several days after alcohol was last consumed. The human body is a system of systems so physiological changes in one system changes others. That’s why the best approach is to try to handle several symptoms by resolving alcohol-related issues in multiple body systems simultaneously. This is a quick guide to alleviating or completely avoiding hangover symptoms through an understanding of alcohol itself, physiological changes related to alcohol consumption, and a variety of suggested remedies for specific hangover symptoms.

The Basics of Wine and Wine Making

Wine can be an intimidating subject to tackle. Whether you’re headed to a winery for your first wine tasting, talking to a waiter at a restaurant, or trying to pick up a bottle for a dinner with your significant other, the subject of wine can be overwhelming. While there are many subtleties, differences and unique qualities of wine, there are some general and simple characteristics too.

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