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Since 1990 The California Wine Club has helped small artisan wineries like Kokomo Winery. Learn more about our wine club at www.cawineclub.com or call us at 1-800-777-4443

Wine Goblets – Choosing the Right Ones

Wine goblets conjure up images of medieval feasts with a hog roast and mead being passed round glutinous well to do lords. Fast forward to the modern day, and they make a great feature of any dinner party whether you are having hog roast or sea bass. The word goblet is to be used for glasses that hold 4 ounces or more of wine.

Discover the Basics of Making Wine

If you are going to make your own wine you will need to learn the basics of making wine. There are many flavors of wine that can be made by you, but the basics are similar throughout most of the recipes. To discuss the basics we will use a grape wine recipe for our example.

Make Beer at Home – Cheap and Simple

Ever thought about discovering how to make beer at home? As anybody who enjoys frequenting the types of eateries who display the brass brewing apparatus they generate their own “house ale” in will advise you, discovering how to create ale the way these restaurants do is equally uncomplicated and a lot of fun once you learn about the beer recipes and brewing provisions available which should allow you to make beer at home.

Further Developments in the Use of Yeso

For this reason, wine is inevitably less acid than the must from which it is derived. Carried away by their apparent abhorrence of potassium sulphate, two enthusiastic scientists, Dr A. H. Hassall and O. Hehner, both of whom were resident in the Isle of Wight, evolved a method of eliminating this noxious substance from wine and applied for letters patent, which were granted in 1875.

What Can the Italians Teach Us About Food, Wine, and Life?

Apart from the wonderful food and wine, what impressed me most about the Italian culture was the way food, wine, and life were so harmoniously interwoven. It was as if the Italians had deliberately spent hundreds of years practicing how to enjoy life and somehow “Figured it out”.

Beer Kits – Choices

If you enjoy a beer and you like to experiment with different beer tastes, you should try brewing your own homebrew. It can be a very fun experience, not only enjoying the beer after it is brewed, but the entire process of seeing how it is done.

Tips to Tell If a Wine is Still Good

OK so you go to the liquor store and you are looking for a good wine to drink tonight but you want to make sure it is still good to drink and has not gone bad. So here a are few things that you can do to make sure your wine will be great. The first thing you can do it pick up the bottle of wine and take a look at the wine inside is there any thing in there that should not be there like parts of the cork floating around.

The 5 Key Elements of Choosing Wine

Choosing wine can be a stressful event if you’re new at it, but with some good pointers, even the novice can pull off a great wine choice. The truth is, there are many different things to consider when deciding on a wine.

Homebrew – For the Best Beer You’ve Ever Tasted

If you have never tried homebrewing before, you are absolutely missing out on a great pleasure in life, especially if you enjoy beer at all. A lot of people enjoy making a batch of homebrew simply to share it with friends, but for some people, it is nearly an art form.

The Philosophy of Champagne

Champagne is a celebration, it’s a toast, and it’s the way to bring in the New Year with good cheer. This form of sparkling wine is the beverage of choice for our most joyous occasions, and our most formal ceremonies. So, how did this bubbly brew get to have such a place of honor and dignity in human society?

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