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Erik Miller from Kokomo winery talks about proper wine storage.

Vintage Looks of Wrought Iron Wine Racks

The beauty in a strong metal like wrought iron wine rack is that it can be stored displayed with the vintage looks. Works like these are wonderful pieces of art which can be styled and designed in any way you want. These are products of skillful craftsmanship that comes in various sizes and shapes to meet your aesthetic needs.

Beer Recipe – IPA From Extract

Here is a great but simple recipe for an IPA using malt extract. Get ready for a great brew, hopheads!

Wine and Cheese Baskets – The Art of Giving a Great Gift

When is it appropriate to give a wine and cheese basket as a gift? There’s no real etiquette to it. Any time you want to give a gift, a wine and cheese basket is appropriate. They’re easy to buy, they go with any occasion, and even the most persnickety person will appreciate getting a nice basket of something yummy.

Happy Hours Popular With Workers of All Kinds

After a long day of work, sometimes it’s nice to unwind with a little food and a drink or two with friends. It’s common to head out to the local bar and grab a beer and some appetizers before heading home.

What Do You Really Know About White Wine?

Drinking wine has been enjoyed over time stretching back hundreds of years, and is probably more popular now than any other time and is no longer seen as something only the foreigner’s drink. White wine in particular is probably the most popular as it does not have the heavy tannins of red wine and is easier to digest for more people. Even with its popularity as high as it is though, many people know nothing about the wine they are drinking.

Growing Grapes For Wine – Healthy Grape Vines For a Great Wine

If you are a gardening enthusiast or a wine lover, growing grapes for wine may be an exciting activity for you. Making your own wine is indeed a good idea. You must remember though your backyard grapes may not be the variety that is great for wine making, thus if you want to venture into growing grapes for wine, here are some important tips that you may find useful.

Cleanliness in Homemade Wine Making

When it comes to making delicious wine at home, no area is more important than proper cleaning and sanitizing. Poor sanitary conditions are responsible for the majority of failed batches of homemade wine than any other factor.

Could Red Wine Be the Fountain of Youth?

Researchers are again saying that a glass or two of red wine per day could extend your life. The reason is a natural compound that helps keep blood flowing smoothly. The good news for non-drinkers is that many other foods also contain this compound.

Know the System to Prune Grape Vines

In growing grapes for wine making, knowing how to prune grape vines is essential for success. How to prune grape vines will be dependent upon how they are being trained. How grape vines are trained depends on the location of the vineyard.

A Summer Red

As the summer continues my thoughts turn to wine that is more refreshing and not so brutal on the palette. This is the time to drink white wine right? I’m gonna be honest with you, I get bored by white wine after so long so usually half way through the summer I find myself turning to alternative reds that are easy to enjoy.

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