Kegerator For Wine? The Real Story Behind Wine On Tap

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How to Sell Your Stored Wine

During these uncertain economic times, many wine collectors are returning to their collection to see which vintages are ready to sell. If you have built a solid wine collection, it may be time to begin liquidation of those which have reached their ideal maturity.

Rewards of Purchasing a Cocktail Set

A number of persons believe that expert bartending is job that’s suitable for non-mortals. That combining refreshments is a properly trained craft and normal folks would never discover the business secrets to producing awesome tasting beverages. Having said that, the truth is that you could discover to combine in drinks.

IBU’s (International Bitterness Unit)

IBU stands for International Bitterness Unit. 1 IBU = 1 milligram of isomerized alpha acid in 1 liter of wort/finished beer. The higher the IBU #, the more bitterness in a given beer.

Opening a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

Opening a bottle top is easy with a bottle opener, but it’s difficult without one. Perhaps it was all the complaints from frustrated beer drinkers, who had misplaced an opener, that led the beer industry to use twist off tops. In other situations, you might care to enjoy some home brew in bottles or other commercial bottles of “joy juice” that don’t have twist off tops.

What You Need to Know About Cocktail Mixing Sets

A number of individuals feel that expert bartending is job which is best suited for non-mortals. That mixing a drink is a skilled art and normal people would certainly not understand the business strategies to making great tasting drinks. Nonetheless, the truth of the matter is that you might find out to mix in beverages.

For the Uninitiated – Quick Wine Tips

As with any other food or drink, wine suits the specific tastes of the individual, and it’s all as complicated as you make it out to be. Here’s a brief rundown of the things you should know before you attend your next wine outing.

Wine Bottle Stoppers That Are Easy to Use

A wine bottle stopper should come off easy. If they are in the bottle too tight your wine can spill out on the table cloth or on your carpet when you are opening the bottle. We all know how difficult it is to remove the stains of red wine.

History of Chilean Wine

Chile’s wine making dates back to the 16th century but it only started to become internationally recognised in the 1990’s when the quality of the wine stepped up a gear. This was due to a new found democracy, international investments from countries such as France, USA, Spain who set up estates such as Robert Mondavi of California (Caliterra), Miguel Torres of Spain (Torres) and The Rothschilds of Bordeaux’s Chateau Lafite (Los Vacos) and also the introduction of new wine technologies such as stainless steel fermentation tanks and oak barrels for aging.

The Thawing Powers of Vouvray

The word itself, ‘Vouvray,’ is fun to say. It’s vivacious and voluptuous. The ‘V’s’ jump from the lips like gymnasts as the final ‘r’ gets stuck in the back of the throat, so that the long ‘A’ comes out as a whisper.

The Advantages of Buying Wine Online

Buying wine is not really an easy task. Because there is a wide array are available and there are also thousands of manufacturers making it, it can be really confusing which one should fit your palate best. But thanks to the Internet, buying wine online made it easy for everyone even if you are not very skilled or knowledgeable about the different kinds of wine.

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