Juslyn Vineyards: Savor Their Highly Awarded Napa Reds

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In 1997, Perry and Carolyn Butler purchased 42 acres on Spring Mountain and transformed their winemaking passion into Juslyn Vineyards. Their wines are some of the most highly rated in the Spring Mountain District AVA. Learn more about this winery: https://www.cawineclub.com/Juslyn-Vineyards_FW119.html

AVA’s Add Another Dimension to the Enjoyment of Wine

AVA’s are somewhat mysterious because of what the Tax and Trade Bureau requires for the designation. But, if you accept the fact that the quality and complexity of wine can be dependent on soil, climate, and topgraphy then you must love AVA’s. In a nutshell AVA’s dictate the importance of terroir. But, ultimately the proof is in the wine. Check out the label for the AVA.

A Wine Lover Walks Into a Brew Pub

Navigating a brew pub menu as a wine lover can be daunting. It seems like many beer drinkers also like wine, but the reverse is not always true. Why don’t they have anything else to drink besides beer? And what is a wine drinker supposed to do in this situation? The answer is less complicated than it seems.

How the Best Australian Sparkling Wine Is Made

About 20 percent of Australia’s wines in bottles are sparkling. The good ones are mostly made from pinot noir and chardonnay and are normally brut in style. But if you’re really looking for the best Australian sparkling wine, you should look at Domaine Chandon. It is the subsidiary of the renowned Moet & Chandon, whose French Champagne house makes a complete range of excellent blanc de blancs and rose sparklers.

Top 5 Ways to Organize a Hassle-Free Wine Tasting Event

Wine tasting events during the holiday season are an enchanting social affair which brings together wine aficionados from all over. The task of judging the quality of a wine based on appearance, aroma, taste, and so on might seem simple but it is not and so is the case for organizing such high-scale wine tasting events.

Cloudy Bay – New Zealand’s Gift to the Wine Industry

Wine is a mark of fine dining and shows its presence in almost all happy occasions in your life. Engagement, wedding, anniversary – no matter what the occasion is, it won’t be complete without a toast with the tastiest wine of the season.

Yarrawood Tall Tales, Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia

My husband, daughter on a wet Sunday afternoon visited Yarrawood, a winery just out of Yarra Glen on the Kinglake side of (1275 if you are using a Navigational system) Melba Highway. We were greeted by three smiling faces behind the tasting counter, which also services the cafe. We happened to meet up with my brother and his family, they come from Seymour country Victoria, Australia, so a nice quick country drive found them there.

Tips on Buying Wine Online

During recent years buying wine online has become a craze amongst all types of people including teenagers and internet savvies. Wine aficionados can now purchase wine from their comfort zone at a click of the button anytime around the year. Here below you can find some top tips which will be of great help to you while you buy wine online.

I Thought “PUNT” Was a Football Term

In football when a team fails to make a first down, the team who has possession of the football kicks or “punts” the football to the other team. The term “punt” in the wine industry has nothing to do with football but everything to do with the shape of the bottom of a wine bottle. In the wine world, the “Punt” is the concave base at the bottom of a wine bottle.

No Mysteries Here, Just Delicious Bubbles!

Don’t be intimidated by that snobby wine salesman! With just a few simple bits of Champagne and Sparkling Wine knowledge, you can easily navigate around them.

Useful Tips You Should Know Before You Buy Wine Online

This article aims to discuss why it is easier to buy wine online than going to the store. There are things you have to know before making any transactions over the Internet.

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