Jigar Wines presented by The California Wine Club (VIDEO)

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Winery owners Jigar and Stephanie Patel earned a 90 point review from Wine Enthusiast on their very first Cabernet Sauvignon. Jigar’s job starts with securing the best fruit possible. He has been able to forge friendships with many top North Coast growers. “I have fruit contracts that most wineries cannot procure; we have a lot of give and take with the farmers.” Learn more about Jigar Wines in this video made by The California Wine Club.

How to Make Elderberry Wine

Learn how to make a great Elderberry Wine. This recipe will blow your mind!

Wine Making – Fruit Or Concentrate?

When it comes to wine making at home, the varieties and combination’s are truly limitless. As a beginner wine maker, should you start first with fruit, or juice concentrate?

What Preservatives Are Added to Wine

To keep wine from becoming spoiled winemakers sometimes add preservatives. In fact, if preservatives are not added to wine it will only last six months to a year. Preservatives are added to keep wine from turning to vinegar and several types of preservatives are used in the winemaking process. Two natural preservatives result from the grapes and the fermenting process – alcohol and tannins. These preservatives are excellent for extending the life of wine and kill off most organisms as very few can live in alcohol.

Review Peju Cabernet Sauvignon ’03 Estate

About two years ago while on one of our Napa whirlwind tours we stopped at Peju Winery located in the Rutherford region of Napa Valley along Highway 29. If you have never been to Napa, there are two main highways you should know, Highway 29 and the Silverado trail!

Producing Wine the Organic Way

Organic wines are traditionally overlooked by buyers and sellers because they have often been associated as bland and boring. However, the current trend has now changed and organic has yet again become more of the fad rather than the drab.

How Familiar Are You With Eco-Friendly Wines – Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic Wines

Being earth friendly is very important and it’s no different with the creation and consumption of wine. Wine lovers will enjoy our breakdown of sustainable, organic, biodynamic and Eco-friendly wines.

Tips on Buying the Right Wine Glasses

Wine glasses do matter for wines and wine drinkers. They make drinking more enjoyable and attractive to the eyes of the drinkers. In fact, they make the better tasting wine taste and look best. Imagine drinking wine in an ordinary water glass and you will know what we are trying to say.

Bitter Beer and Hops

Do you know what makes beer bitter? Hops! Hops have not always been a beer ingredient. Today they make beer excellent.

Essential Wine Making Tips

Wine making is an activity that is not exclusive to vineyards. In fact, you can also do it and come up with wine that is as good as those that can be bought in wine stores.

Homebrewing – How to Make Your Own Beer at Home

If you enjoy having beer on hand regularly, you might actually enjoy brewing your own from time to time. The process of homebrewing is not really difficult to do, provided you know a few basic steps along the way. Here are some things that you can do in order to get yourself started quickly.

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