Jean Demont Chablis 2019

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Jean Demont is a supplier of wines for retail businesses – ie supermarkets and other shops selling in the lower price ranges. I received a bottle of Demont Chablis from a French source, and decided that it had every right to be tasted and properly evaluated.

Jean Demont Chablis 2019

The Demont 2019 is a rather ripe and rich wine for the level, yet it still has the perfumed sensuality of the 2019 vintage. It should be served chilled however, as the ripe fruit otherwise would reach dense proportions. It is not overripe – but it’s not far off. There is fine, pure fruit in the finish, but without a strong Chablis expression despite the nice limestone hint on the nose. Not bad – almost worthy of a smile. After tasting other Chablis from 2019, I think, however, that the positive comments are mostly due to the vintage…

(Drink from 2021) – Good – Tasted 27/12/2020

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