It’s Been a Bitter Week in Wine

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With the Napa Valley fires rocking the wine world this week, we focus in on the topic of bitterness in wine.

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Yellow Tail Wine and Mikasa Wine Glasses

Yellow Tail wine is a special type of wine which is produced in the Casella Winery located in Australia. This winery belongs to the Casella family which has a rich history in producing wines.

French Bordeaux Wines – What Are They Really?

The French wine number one in popularity the world over is Bordeaux. While Bordeaux can be and often is one the most fascinating wine and most expensive one as well, not all Bordeaux are superior wines.

French Wines – How to Read the Labels

Wine labels are not some decorative stickers on wine bottles; they are supposed to give you all the information you need to know about the wine that you may want to purchase. This labeling has gone under sticker rules recently, which will assure you that what you read on the label is what is contained in the bottle.

Great Cheap White Wines That Are Widely Available

I love wines of all types, and try to always have some tasty yet inexpensive whites on hand for opening anytime. These are also great choices as gifts and to buy when traveling as they are usually easy to find almost anywhere. First remember that I’m just giving some suggestions that most people enjoy. Whatever you like is most important. There is no right or wrong, just personal taste. That said, most people’s taste jives with the following.

Do You Know About the Fat Bastard Wine?

Fat bastard is a brand of wine that comes from France. Thierry Boudinaud was the one who discovered it and gave it’s peculiar name proclaiming “this is what you call a fat bastard “. There are many types of fat bastard wines available in the market. You can find fat bastard Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and many others.

Rogar Wine Opener – Why You Should Buy a Rogar Tabletop Lever Wine Opener

The Rogar Lever Wine Opener is the “Cadillac” of wine openers. If you are a wine lover looking for a good wine opener, or are looking for a gift for a wine lover, (even if it is you), then you should take a look at the Rogar wine bottle opener.

Growing Wine Grapes – My Life With Growing Wine Grapes

Have you ever wondered just how that glass of wine you sipped on at dinner last night got to your glass? It was a long process before you were able to enjoy this smooth, delicious beverage, and you wouldn’t even think of just how long it takes for it to get to you.

Creamy Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Salmon

I have discovered over the past few years that wine tasting is an art in itself. Previously I would rarely make it to the end of the wine tables as I would consistently spend too much time on a particular wine that got my attention.

Pronouncing Wine Words – The Five Most Mangled

One of the biggest obstacles to enjoying the whole wine experience is having to pronounce wine words. To avoid the embarrassment of mispronouncing them, take a look at this top 5 list.

Beer Routes – Old Europe Versus Emerging Africa

Unlike wine, beer is not so commonly considered a key to explore a city or a country. Nevertheless beer has a very long history and is drunk and produced nearly everywhere in the world, even more than wine.

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