Italy vs California Zinfandel Showdown!

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Is it a sin to love Zin? Let’s find out! Full wine tasting details here:

In this tasting Madeline Puckette compares Italian Primitivo with American Zinfandel. Here’s the kicker: one of these wines is almost a decade old! For Zinfandel, that might be too old. But is it? Can Zinfandel wines actually age?

Find out more about these wines and Zinfandel here:

How Good Was Ancient Wine Making?

Evidence of wine making can be found stretching back into history. Wine is believed to have played a prominent role in the civilization of mankind, with the ancient Greeks regarding anyone who did not drink wine as a barbarian.

History of Wine

Wine production came about with the cultivation of grapes. During ancient times, wild grapes abound and were familiar to the people as shown by the ancient cave drawings of grape seeds. Grapes were later used as wine which in turn branched out to many uses in ancient society.

Wine And Its Health Benefits

With its alcohol content, wine is sometimes frowned upon by conservative groups. However, the alcohol content in wine makes it beneficial instead. Its alcohol content is not a reason for wine to be avoided.

Personalised Wine – What Type of Wine Can You Have?

When looking for personalised wine, what type of will be available to you? Will you be able to have a choice?

French Wine

Top n’ Bottom of the Barrel French wine is the worst in the World. And the best.

The Truth About Red Wine and Its Health Benefits

Every year there are numerous headlines about the health benefits of red wine. But can drinking it really make a difference? The good news is yes. Recent studies that there are many health benefits associated with moderate red wine consumption. Not only can consuming one to two glasses a day help protect us from heart disease, it also safeguards against many other ailments.

Wine Online in Melbourne

If you are located in Melbourne and enjoy drinking wine, you’ll probably be looking for more interesting and unique tastes to enhance your drinking experience. While Melbourne itself may not be a major nest for wineries and vineyards, you can still expect great wine around the world to be delivered to your area.

The Truth Behind of Your Regular Wine Myths

When dealing with wine, people tend to create ideas to make wines really a class of its own. As such, these ideas give the wine its classy image due to the many stories that surround it. Unlike any other table stuff, which exists as it is without that mystifying tales, the wine has comfortably bubbled in its own myths. Many believe it, some doubt it.

Why a Wine Label Might Not Be Given Approval

Approval? For a wine label? When wineries are approaching bottling season for their wines one of the key steps in that process is to submit and obtain label approval from the federal governing agency, the TTB. This approval process is generally a fairly straight forward and simple one to go through successfully. There is however a list of common errors the TTB has put together for why labels are rejected for approval.

An Introduction To Port

A port wine is a fortified wine and is considered one of the world’s greatest wines ever made. The name port comes from the city of Oporto that is situated at the mouth of the 560-mile long Rio Douro or River of Gold in Portugal.

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