Is There “Minerality” in Wine?

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I test real rocks to try to understand whether or not “Minerality” is a real flavor in wine. Let’s see if wine sommeliers and wine experts are full of… chalk.

Make Dandelion Wine

Apply the old saying of “if you’ve got lemons, make lemonade” to your lawn. Instead of cursing the weeds, make dandelion wine.

How to Store Wine Properly

Wine storage can get pretty elaborate and expensive, but it does not have to be. We’ll assume, for instance, that you do not have the resources to build a wine cellar, and that you are not able to submerge your wine collection in metal enclosures at the bottom of the sea for a year, like one winery has come to be famous for.

Drinking Flasks For Women – Flasks Aren’t Just For Men Any More

If you thought drinking flasks were just for men at sporting events and college guys, think again! Flasks are a popular gift for the ladies too. These unique beverage containers are stylish and functional, with an appeal that transcends the sexes. Let’s take a look at a few styles of flasks designed especially for women…

Basic Kegarator Overview

A basic overview of how a kegarator works. What parts make up a kegarator and their function in the system.

Wine Making at Home – Is it Worth the Effort?

The fact is that it is pretty easy these days to do wine making at home,actually it can be really rewarding, to create something you made your self and then have all the fun of consuming it as well! However like all successful plans you have to know what to do to give you the best chances of success.

The Proper Glass For the Proper Wine

It is important to use the correct glass with any given wine. Everyone in the wine community knows that one does not drink a Cabernet Sauvignon with a glass made for port.

The Worst Time of the Year to Speak With a Wine Producer – Harvest Time!

If you have the privilege of counting a wine maker amongst your friends then there is a good chance you will already know that harvest time is an all consuming strategically planned exercise that requires all of their focus. For this very reason you will find it very hard to get them to attend a dinner party or maybe even answer their mobile telephone to you. You see harvest time is about reaping the rewards of a huge investment made in both money and time that has been spent nurturing each winemaker’s crop.

Learn How to Taste Wine Like a Professional

My favourite drink without exception is wine. In fact, for me this glorious nectar is a cultural lifestyle which I relish. In this article we are going to look at how to taste wine like a professional.

Enjoy the Taste of Spanish Wines

Spain is considered to be one of the largest wine producing nations of the world. If statistics are to be believed then Spain is the third largest producer of wine in world, the largest being Italy and France. There is a huge region dedicated to the wine produced in Spain.

How to Give Wine at Easter Time This Year

When Easter time comes each year, giving a gift seems harder and harder to do. Sometimes gifts are not even exchanged or if they are exchanged, it is the same ones over and over again. Today there are lots of gifts to choose from like never before. The classic themes of Easter are always a safe choice. This year you can become as creative as you want.

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