INVESTING IN WINE – Is it a good way to make money?

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INVESTING IN WINE – Is it a good way to make money?
In this video I take you through the basics of wine investment, highlighting the benefits and risks as well as a brief history on investing in wine and an idea of prices today
Only invest if you really know what you are doing or you know someone you can trust with experience in dealing in fine wine. In any case, wine should only be a small part of your investment/savings portfolio. Consider it a medium- to long-term investment.

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How to Find the Right Wine Group

If you’re a wine lover, chances are you want to share that love with likeminded people. If that’s the case, then it is very likely that you’ve considered joining a wine group. But wine groups are only becoming more popular, and as such, their numbers keep growing every day.

Do You Need a Wine Decanter and Aerator?

Picture it. You’re standing in a store or browsing the internet, trying to decide which decanter to buy to enable you to enjoy your wine even more. But then you come across a wine aerator. When you read the information that is provided with it, you realize that it might be better to buy one of these instead.

Can You Trust Wine Reviews?

If you love your wine the chances are you will be quite interested in reading a wide range of wine reviews. You may even consider buying certain bottles of wine if you read a review that is favorable to a particular winery or type of wine. But can these wine reviews really be trusted, or is it just one person’s point of view?

Can Wine Aerator Reviews Help You Pick the Right One?

If you haven’t yet invested in a wine aerator to help you get the best taste out of every bottle of wine you open, there could be a good way of finding just the one you need. The secret lies in reading as many wine aerator reviews as you can, as these will enable you to find out a lot about them before you actually go shopping.

The Advantages of A Wine Bar

It’s not the frenetic pace of a restaurant, where conversation is almost secondary to the ministrations of a hovering waiter (if you’re lucky). It’s not a tasting room in a dank wine cellar, where your teeth chatter from the lowered temperature. No, it’s an urban, modern phenomenon known as a wine bar.

Washington Wine: A Hidden Gem

There are a lot of factors that go into creating the perfect wine. For one, you have to have the experience and know-how to cultivate your grapes and manufacture the wine itself. Perfecting this technique can takes years, or in some cases, even decades.

Part II – Malt: Coloring the World of Beer

There are four main components of beer: water, malt, hops and yeast. This article is the second of a four part series that will be covered in that order. Malt is very important to the finished product, and the types of malt you use will determine quite a few of your brew’s characteristics.

Part I – Water: The Foundation of Good Beer

There are four main components of beer: water, malt, hops and yeast. This article is the first of a four part series that will be covered in that order. You’ve doubtless seen and heard beer ads that claim the beverage in question was brewed using, “pure, fresh mountain water.”

Gluten-Free Beer – Helping Those With Gluten Intolerance Enjoy Great Beer

For most of recorded history, beer has been made with grains like barley and wheat. However, for many people, this is a problem. That’s because these grains contain gluten, and those with a gluten-intolerant condition can become very ill from consuming it.

Is China the Hottest New Beer Market?

When you think of beer, chances are good that European nations like Germany come to mind first. You might think of Britain, Holland or even America, too. However, in the emerging global market, it actually looks like you should set your sights a bit farther east – that is, Far East.

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