Introduction to Wine Glasses – The California Wine Club

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Jonathan Boring of The California Wine Club discuss how to choose the correct wine glasses.

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Drum & Barrel Pumps

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Yeast-Free Living – Can I Drink Wine?

Okay, so you’ve recently found out that you need to avoid yeast. But you’re wondering about alcohol. You like the odd glass of wine with an evening meal. Who doesn’t? You’ve heard that drinks such as bear have yeast in them, but what about wine or other alcoholic drinks?

The Essence of the Wine Glass

There is much more going on with your wine glass than simply holding your wine. It is the force that brings a bottled wine back to life so that you can fully enjoy the aromas and flavors in any bottle of wine. While most people can pick out wine glasses from other types of glassware there are many different types of glasses for different types of wines.

A Brief History of Wine Goblets

Wine goblets are another name for wine glasses and were in fact the original vessels for drinking wine, although they were made of other materials than glass. Basically a wine goblet has a bowl to hold the wine and rests on a stem and a base. They date back to 400 AD and were made of clay in a somewhat rudimentary form and were used for ceremonies.

Making Your Own Wine Bottle Labels

Whether you are a wine maker or are organizing a wedding and need unique wedding favors wine bottle labels are essential to your needs. If you are bottling wine and produce small quantities that need to get noticed in order for your venture to survive then having the right label can help sell your product. Draw up a few ideas until you hit upon the one that defines your wine and then you have the option of having them professionally made or doing them yourself.

South African Wine and Its Growing Popularity

Since the 1990s the production and popularity of South African Wine started to grow. This is due mainly to the end of the apartheid.

Store in Style With Wine Racks

You have a huge number of wine bottles but you have nowhere else to put them. Wine racks may be the answer that you need. There are varying styles and designs of wine racks and they come in all shapes and sizes. Picking out the style of a wine rack is a matter of personal choice, how it would complement your home decor, and affordability. It is a breeze to choose from the different wine rack styles. You just have to know what suits you and your wines best.

Tips – How to Choose a Good Bottle of Wine

Choosing a good bottle of wine can be a daunting task. However, these tips will show a novice or an expert quick ways to identify a good tasting wine simply by glancing at the label.

Best Home Wine Making Practices – Avoid Mistakes

When I tried my hand at wine making many years ago, without enlisting help from friends or literature, the results were, well, horrible. Making wine at home is easy, but only if you recognize and avoid some huge mistakes before you even start.

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