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Thinking of what to get your clients this holiday season? Our wine club makes the perfect corporate gift or business gift. Your gift will come delivered in a beautiful wine crate branded with your logo. In addition, a custom gift card, also branded with your logo. It’s the perfect way to stay top of mind with your clients. Learn more here –

Wine Based Corporate Gifts for This Festive Season

Wines are the ideal corporate gifts for this holiday season, since they are memorabilia that signifies class, sophistication and show the receivers what they mean to the givers. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & day and the new years’ eve are much awaited festivals that are soon going to come. These hold special significance for the corporate world since the people who make up the business world get to spend relaxed, quality time with their family after a year of hard work.

The Benefits Of Having A Bottle Wine Chiller

If you are a wine lover and want to find a new gadget for your wines, then you are at the right place. The single bottle wine chiller will be great accessory to get for your collection. Based on your wine budget and interest, you can choose from electric or non-electric wine chillers to ensure that you have perfectly chilled wines all the time.

Using A Wine Chiller Bucket For Special Events

Are you are planning a special dinner event and want to find the best way to keep your wine at the right temperature? If this is the case, then you will find this short article interesting as it will tell you about the ideal product to keep wines for special events. We know how important it is to have the right setting and accessories when you have family and friends visiting.

Wine Chillers And Coolers – What To Look For

In case you have recently started to collect wines, then you will need suitable storage space in order to maintain the standard of your valuable vintages. Electric wine chillers and coolers will be attractive and practical storage devices for beginners. With increasingly more impulsive shoppers acquiring various kinds of wine coolers, these days the manufacturers are creating improved and more cutting-edge wine coolers.

Wine Chiller Sleeve – Types To Look For

Ensure that your Champagne is ready with a wine chiller sleeve. There is nothing more intense than being disorganized when your guests start to arrive, especially when you have the Champagne glasses all set but forgot to chill your bubbly for serving. When you stuff the bottle inside the freezer at this time, it will only encourage overflowing corks and frosty temperatures, but will also affect the balance of flavors and aromas.

Wine Kit Building for Women

Ladies, one of the best kept Wine Lovers Secrets is that you can make your own wine just as well, if not better than the guys. You can use a wine Kit to get started.

Advantages of Plastic Martini Glasses

The numerous varieties of plastic glasses available in the market can indeed be bliss for any restaurant, bar or any other catering business serving drinks. Be it the colour or the shape, these glasses add to the uniqueness of the bar. These glasses also come at a cost which is much less compared to that of the expensive ones. The use of these plastic glasses however is limited to bars that serve the younger generation as much refined places serving the higher class might not prefer coloured plastic glass for drinking.

Buy Wine While Following the Online Shopping Method

Wine, one of the most prestigious alcohol beverages, has got a definite fan following among alcohol lovers. Wine is divided into two main categories namely White Wine and Red Wine.

Tips to Improve Your Wine Tasting

To ensure that you make the most of a wine tasting we would like to offer some advice on wine tasting and some of the techniques used to experience the true flavor of a wine. Remember, wine tasting requires that you pay attention to your senses of sight, smell and touch, as well as taste.

A Wine Consumer Powder Keg

Last year I ran across a website that stirred my interest in wine consumer issues. What I found is the issue has progressed to a critical situation called the Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness Act of 2010 (commonly called House Bill #5034).

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