Ian Devereux of Smith Devereux Wines Bud Break in a Saint Helena vineyard

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How Much Can Bartenders Make?

It will be one of the first thoughts likely considered when thinking about being a bartender. How much do bartenders make? Nevertheless this specific question is not one with an obvious answer. A bartender’s paycheck can range significantly. Let’s look at how much a bartender can make. Bartenders earn both an income and tips. Although you are going to earn an hourly wage, the vast majority of your cash should come in the form of tips. Doing work in a great locale and getting high quality tips is what will make bartending a valuable line of business.

General Terms to Use When Tasting Red Wine

If you are the kind of person who wants to know all about wine before he even takes the first sip, then it is important for you to become familiar with the general terms that wine connoisseurs use, especially as they apply to red wines. The first thing to consider is the physical aspects of the wine – clarity, color and intensity. Clarity or the brightness of a wine indicates its acidity and quality.

Medieval Beers And Wines – How Is It Made?

I have always loved the medieval era. It was a time when people enjoyed the simple pleasures in life. It was the time when people didn’t have to eat all that processed meat and the vegetables were not filled with pesticides and synthesized fertilizers.

The Beauty of Blending Wines

Wine appreciation, for many people, is not just about taking a sip or two of their favorite wine, but is treated as an art form. If you wish to take wine experience to a different level, get a hold of wine blends and let your senses experience more complex and exquisite flavors and aromas.

On Wine Blends (and How You Can Make Your Own)

Although some wines are already excellent on their own, some taste and smell a lot better when combined with another. Experience a delightful surprise in terms of wine appreciation by having a taste of exquisite wine blends.

The Many Health Benefits of Fine Wine

Ever wonder why some people believe that drinking wine is healthy? Here are a few healthy reasons why you should start drinking wine – moderately, that is!

Q and A With Master Sommelier and Saki Expert, Sally Mohr

Sally Mohr earned the title of Master Sommelier in 1995 and was the second woman in the United States to achieve that distinction. She enjoys passing the wonders of the wine world to aspiring Master Sommeliers through the courses sponsored by The Court of Master Sommeliers.

Precisely What Are Winecoolers?

Winecoolers are the commercialized variations of flavored wine beverages. These refreshments are created by way of mixing fruit juices with other alcoholic beverages, even though they are typically combined with wine. Essentially the most popular drinks under this variety is the Sangria. However, today, many businesses have commercially manufactured these alcoholic beverages and came up with a number of different flavors and they taste exactly like the selfmade variations.

Wine and Dine Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train, made up of original 1915 red and gold Pullman Cars, stretched down the track as far as I could see. When I stepped aboard I felt as though I traveled back in time to the Golden Age of luxury rail travel and fine dining. The Maitre D’ seated me at a table covered in crisp white linen and fine china. The walls were ornate woodwork and wide window at the end of the table was cloaked in thick, luxurious curtains.

Sourcing White Spanish Vintages From A Wine Wholesaler? The Grape Makes All The Difference

Leading wine wholesaler outlets offer white Spanish vintages to ensure a diverse portfolio of liquors and wine options for consumers. Read on to learn more about this topic.

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