Hyper-Decanting – Extreme aeration to open up your wine.

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In this video I perform a wine hyper decantering to really open up those aromas and flavours.

The importance of letting wine breathe to improve its overall taste is nothing new, but it turns out you can maximise the effect. By pouring your cheap bottle into a blender and blitzing it for around 30 seconds your wine will be rendered mellower, fruitier and taste a whole lot more expensive.

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How to Sell Wine

Do you have a growing collection of fine wines? Have you ever thought about selling a portion of that collection to clear some space or just to get some return on your collection? Well, you are not alone. There are a growing number of people that are getting into the business of buying and selling wine all across the country.

Liquor Dispenser That Will Lower Your Bar Tab

Enjoy going to bars but hate dealing with the prices? Ever wanted to make your own drink reminiscent to the quality of a high-end bar experience with that ever so tempting mouthwatering taste?

Home Wine Storage – How to Store Wine at Home – Home Wine Coolers

Three important keys to storing wines at home. Wines can be stored for long periods if you observe some very basic rules. Temperature and sunlight are big detractors to storing wine.

Is Your Mash Converted? Perform the Starch Conversion Test to Find Out

Starch conversion is done by the enzymes in your malted grains. Your goal is to get 100% starch conversion from your mash. Most single infusion mashes are run for 60 minutes, but you’ll see some recipes calling for 45 minutes and some calling for 90 minutes. Which is right?

How to Order Wine on a Romantic Date

You’ve reserved a table at the most upscale restaurant in town and you’re hoping to get everything right to impress your date. However, are you prepared if your date decides she wants you to order wine for the two of you?

What is a “Corked” Wine?

The subtle aromas and flavors of a good wine are precisely what makes it so good. But there are times when a wine is actually not good. Sometimes, a bad wine is consumed anyway… and you conclude “I just don’t like that kind of wine.” For that reason it’s important to realize what makes a wine truly bad. One of the most common reasons a wine might be bad is because it’s “corked”. What is cork taint, how do you recognize it and what should you do?

Bottling, Storing, and Drinking Your Homebrew

After you have worked so hard to make the wort, you don’t want to mess up anything in the final steps. Bottling and storing your beer is important to do be done correctly before you sit back and enjoy your creation.

How to Make Wine – The Special Kind

There may be some of you out there who wonder about the process of wine making — how to make wine and how to make that kind which is really special? When one thinks of wine, he thinks of grapes. The reason for this is probably because the most famous varietals belong to these three kinds: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan. But did you know that there are other things that can produce wine aside from grapes? Yes, that is true.

Beer Review – Midas Touch by Dogfish Head

Midas Touch can certainly bring some Holiday Cheer! Made with honey, white muscat grapes and saffron, it’s no wonder this extraordinary ale has such complex and inviting aromas and taste.

Wine Smarts

Getting the most out of life is something all people want. This is especially after spending hard-earned money on some of the finer things in life, like a vacation to a faraway destination, or a sample of some of the most exotic cheese in the world. It is no secret that wine is a drink you can enjoy both on its own or paired up with any food to enhance the overall dining experience.

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