How Wine Glasses Affect Flavors

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Two different Cabernet Sauvignon glasses. Two different flavors. Learn how glassware can affect your wine.

5 Essential Tips For Buying Wine Refrigerators

For lovers of wine, a wine refrigerator is no less important than the liquor. So it is important that one identifies good quality wine refrigerators if they plan to buy one. However, not all the commercial units available in the market are of equal quality. Some are better than the others.

How to Find Great Wine Values

So you’ve grabbed the cheapest bottle you could find on the shelf, and you’re heading for the checkout. Does this mean you’ve found a great wine value? No. Finding wine values involves a lot more than that. Of course, picking the most expensive bottle on the shelf doesn’t mean you’ve chosen a quality wine either.

Keys to Attending Wine Tasting Events

Attending a wine tasting event for the for time can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be! While the overriding public image of wine is that it is something steeped in tradition and formality, in reality most wine tasting events are anything but formal.

Make Delicious Homemade Wine – Step by Step Instructions

The secret to making great wine is: get the good stuff to start with. Here are step by step instructions for making fabulous homemade wine.

Wine Selections – How to Choose Wine

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to wine selections. I’ll briefly cover a couple of them, and then leave you to decide which works best for you.

Prosecco – From Bellini to Valdobbiadene

Prosecco gets a bad rap owing to the worst of the wines that have been sold under this distinction and label. Unscrupulous mass producers of this fizzy, fresh wine have for years driven the price down in both Europe and The United States to the point that if you think back at the worst wedding or hangover you have woken up with there is a good chance prosecco was involved. At its worst, many trained or untrained palates are able to discern a distinct flavor of wet dog, and green wood with undertones of despair.

Why Measure the pH of Wine?

Both acidity and pH are important properties of wine, and accurate measured results for both are required in order to make sensible decisions during wine production. But measuring pH can be awkward and frustrating, see why.

Wine Accessories – Enhance Your Wine Experience

Whether you just beginning to get involved in the world of wine, like to indulge occasionally, or else are a wine enthusiast, there are plenty of ways to greatly enhance your imbibing experience. From books on wine, to a wine rack, to wine charms and aerators, the choice for wine accessories are endless. These accouterments can make your drinking much more informed and enjoyable.

Books on Wine – Impress Your Friends

Books on wine are a great resource for virtually anyone looking to more fully enjoy their drinking experience. They will allow you to learn the proper way to drink your wine and how to best combine it with food in order to bring out each element of your drink and the dish you with which you are pairing it.

How to Properly Create a Wine

Making wine is a challenging process but if you prepare yourself before doing it, you will have a good result. You should also place the wine bottles in a dark area to avoid light from ruining the wine.

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