How We Discover The Best Wines For You

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The Best Wines: How We Discover Them For You
Our promise has always been to only feature wine that we would proudly serve to our family and friends in our homes. Selecting a great bottle of wine is a difficult task. Find out how we do it.

How to Choose the Best Discount Wine Clubs

If you are a wine connoisseur on a budget, why not become a member of one of the many discount wine clubs? Clubs that are associated with big corporations or retailers can offer you the best prices as they have the strongest bargaining power when dealing with suppliers, but the smaller estate base wine clubs can offer you unique wines that you would not otherwise experience. When you buy wine from a wine club, you are assured that you are getting the best quality bottles since they have been assessed by experts.

History of French Champagne

Champagne,the name says it all. The most revered of all French wines, it has accompanied the celebration of each New Year across the world, presided at weddings, graced the sumptuous galas served at the table of the rich, famous and powerful. The author hopes to broaden you knowledge of this famous wine that the Romans called “The drink of the Gods.”

What Makes Leather Wine Carriers Important?

Still doubting whether to get a leather wine carrier for your bottle of wines? This article will outline various reasons why you should consider getting one.

How to Choose a Wine of the Month Club

There are many different wine clubs available today, a little something for every kind of wine drinker. Because of all the choices, many shoppers feel overwhelmed by the process of selecting a wine club as a gift or even for themselves. This guide can help you understand the different types of wine clubs available and figure out where to start looking for your next wine of the month club.

Foggy About Wine? So Is California!

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco, has been attributed to Mark Twain. Whether he actually uttered those famous words is up for debate, but the meaning is not. Those words reflect the frigid summer fog of the San Francisco Bay Area.

What Are the Best Red Wine Types?

How do you find the best red wine if you are learning to be a wine connoisseur? The first step is to understand how red wine is made. Red wine is made from a variety of European grapes, which come in a variety of colors. They can be classified according to their body or the way they taste.

Basic Tips for Storing Wine Successfully

The world of wine and wine collecting can be perceived as an esoteric world of nuanced bouquets and rare vintages but beyond the collectors many of us regularly drink wine and often have a few bottles lying around in the home. If you have ever opened a bottle and found it to be spoilt then you may want to keep in mind a few basic, easy to remember, storage tips which all of us can benefit from whether we have are own cellar of vintages or a couple of bottles in a cupboard.

Wine Closures

There was a time when all wine bottles were sealed with a cork but now it seems more common to see only screw cap wines on the shelf. Initially screw cap closures were seen as ok for white wine with a very short shelf life however there is now more acceptance of this type of closure for all types, except sparkling. It all seems a bit confusing, so lets take a step back and see what has happened to bring about this change.

Wine Cellaring

When it comes to cellaring wine, it can seem a bit daunting. Most wines bought in Australia are consumed straight away ie within a few days after purchase. However, as most people know, a good wine will improve with age. This does require a certain amount of trust, blended with hope, that the wine you select will be better after a number of years stored in the right environment.

How Australian Wine Regions Were Defined

To allow Australian wine to be sold in the vitally important export market of Europe, the Australian wine industry had to comply with European Commission regulations governing regional marketing and content for wines. This meant that 85% of the wine must come from the region named on the bottle.

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