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Here’s a fun look at wrapping a bottle of wine. While there are a few DIY options when it comes to wrapping a bottle of wine, our best advice is to leave it to us.

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Champagne Flutes for Your Use

Champagne is a wine for celebration and romance as it is also wine for meals and other occasions. Drinking them though, to get their fullest flavor, is done best with champagne flutes and this article discusses the particulars of champagne flutes for your use in every occasion.

Pink Depression Glass

Glassware collections are most prized possessions for many. One of the most coveted is the pink depression glass. The article discusses this work of art and beauty in detail in order to provide you information on the true value of the pink depression glass.

Most Expensive Champagne In the World

Whenever we think of champagne, we associate it with parties and festivities, however for some individuals, a simple bottle of champagne is often a collector’s item for which they may be willing to spend a great deal of cash. From the 17, 625 dollars bottle of Cristal Brut 1900, dubbed the Methuselah which was offered in 2005 to an unknown purchaser, to Krug’s Clos Du Mesnil 1995, that sells for 750 dollars a bottle, pricey sparkling wine has long become a social statement of prosperity and good fortune, Cristal owing nearly all of its recognition in recent years to the hip-hop music world.

Red Wine: Good for Your Health

Tannin contained in red wine can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. Vitamin c, vitamin E and carotene in it have the function of anti- oxidation so that human bodies normally metabolize. It is said that drinking a small cup of red wine before sleep can lose weight.

What Determines a Wine’s Price?

So what are the determining factors? You would think that $40 bottle you just splurged for will taste better than the $10 bottle, right?

Avanti Wine Chiller Buyers Guide

An article about Avanti wine chillers. Tips and advice on buying wine refrigerators.

Red Wine and Heartburn

Have you ever wondered why you seem to get heartburn when you drink red wine? You’re not imagining things – red wine has some unique characteristics that can contribute to heartburn and acid reflux. The good news is that there are also some things you can do to prevent heartburn from spoiling your love for red wines.

A Basket of Wine Is Important on Occasion

Wine is a great thing to have in every occasion or celebration in our lives. It brings the spirit of the occasion which is to be treasured. Wine completes it because it is the main factor which makes friends, relatives and guests amazed.

Monbazillac – Top 5 Sweet Wines From the Dordogne

Monbazillac is produced in the Dordogne area of southwest France. At its best it can be a match for the seriously expensive and often overpriced Sauternes of the Bordeaux wine appellation immediately next door geographically.

Enjoy A Taste Of History With Greek Wines

Greek history is full of stories about war and domination. However, Greece also gave birth to personalities that have influenced world history, like, Alexander the Great, Socrates, and many more. Greeks have been making wine for hundreds of years. Their wines are globally recognized. There are about 300 types of grapes cultivated in Greece alone.

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