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Jonathan Boring of The California Wine demonstrates how to use the Ah – So Corkscrew

Where Do Calories in Beer Come From?

Anyone who loves beer knows about the on-going debate between low calories and great taste. Is it possible to have a low-calorie, great tasting beer? And where, exactly, do the calories in beer come from?

Test New Video Games? 3 Lessons in How to Start Making Money by Testing New Video Games

Getting paid to test new video games is the dream of many an avid gamer, but it’s a difficult industry to get into – and to succeed in. Here are some of the most useful tips to making a living beta testing video games, starting from how to get your first testing job to how to move up the ranks (and the pay scale) as quickly as possible.

Does Drinking Beer Make You Fat?

Ah, the beer belly. We all know the common thinking – drinking beer causes you to be fat. But is this really the case?

Wine-Making Kit – An Inexpensive Implement to Make Wines

Wine one of major kinds of the alcoholic beverage, is been considered by many people to be helpful to our health. Research shows that it reduces the chances of kidney stones, heart disease, and diabetes. Other two major kinds of the alcoholic beverages are spirits and beer. There are many wine making kits available in the market. Beer is normally fermented at minimum of 2 weeks and ready for other 2 weeks as well as have alcohol content of 4 to 6 percent.

Five of the Best Australian Wines by Smaller Wineries

To fight back against negative global perceptions of Australian wine, several of Australia’s oldest wine makers formed the Australia’s First Families of Wine alliance in August of 2009. The purpose of this organization is to restore the standing of Australian wine to its rightful place. In the spirit of this effort, here are a few of the best Australian wines made by some of the country’s smaller wineries.

Keg Refrigerator

A keg refrigerator can be a huge boost to your quality of life. When beer is stored and served correctly, it provides us with a taste that triumphs over all other forms of liquid.

Learn to Memorize Hundreds of Mixed Drinks

With the good pay per night and the tips from customers, working as a bartender can be a really fun way to make money. In a bar, you will usually find a lot of guests, new and regular, with different tastes in drinks.

Trends in the Crystal Stemware Industry

The glass and crystal stemware industry continues to experience respectable growth even amidst a growing budget-conscious mentality among consumers. There are some notable trends affecting the industry which may influence its future direction.

Japans Best Export – SAKE – The Drink of the Gods!

Sake is one of Japans best exports. Learn more about how its made – step by step.

Choosing the Correct Wine Glass

Does the glass that wine is served in matter? Find out and be a hit at your next dinner party.

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