How to Use The Screw Pull Corkscrew – The California Wine Club

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Jonathan Boring of The California Wine Club demonstrates how to use The Screw Pull Corkscrew

The Later History of the Wine Glass

Wine glasses, as we know them today, began to evolve as the methods for producing glass improved. From the Venetian glass-makers over 1000 years ago, to the Riedel family today, the wine glass has seen many different styles and many stages of change.

Wine Tasting Basics

Wine tasting is an important part of enjoying wine. The more wine you taste, the better you’ll become at detecting aromas and flavors. This will enhance your enjoyment by giving you a deeper appreciation of wine makers and the wine making process.

California Wine Club

If you have been to the wine country in California, you have probably learned that these are an exciting wine adventure club called the California Wine Club. Once a month the members receive a wine that caters to their taste and is affordable to those who are on a budget. The actual membership is absolutely free so you don’t have any membership fees to pay.

Great Discount Wines – How to Find

Looking for wine on a budget? Here are wines that tasters rated high but can be bought for $10 or less!

Make Your Own Wine at Home – What You Will Need to Get Started

Do NOT, at the outset, buy a lot of expensive equipment: it is better to start making wine with what you have-you probably have in your kitchen already some of the essentials-and then to acquire the rest by stages as the necessity arises. For a start you will undoubtedly need some kind of boiler, and if you can lay your hands on one that will hold three to five gallons it will prove ideal. Failing that, you can “make do” with a one-gallon or one-and-a-half-gallon saucepan.

How to Pronounce Different Wines

With the number of wines coming from different regions of the world, Spain, France and Germany through to Australia, Chile and South Africa, it’s not surprising there are a lot of names that we struggle with. So when you’re trying to sort your Beaujolais from your Gewürztraminer our handy wine pronunciation guide is invaluable.

State College Beer Distributors Serve a Desperate Thirst – But Not Well Enough

In a small community nestled in the center of Pennsylvania, there lies a town where the partying never seems to cease. Home of the Penn State Nittany Lions, State College, PA has climbed the charts the last few years to become the number one party town in all of America. With so much partying, you’d probably expect to find a greater amount of beer distributors around, but in fact there are just a handful of them.

Dessert Wines and Sweet Wines Are a World Apart

Sometimes the difference between sweet and dessert wines is not always obvious, but the two could not be further apart in the wine style spectrum. They are each made in a very different way, and one should never be confused with the other.

What Are Biodynamic Wines?

Biodynamic agriculture is a type of organic farming with a level of spiritualism thrown in the mix. Biodynamic wines, or BD wines, are made from grapes grown in the biodynamic manner.

An Introduction to Blush Wines

Many wine experts look down their noses at blush wines. These experts consider blush wines to be too simple and lacking in complexity. Regardless of what experts think, blush wines are quite popular and are here to stay.

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