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Jonathan Boring of The California Wine Club demonstrates how to use The Leaver Corkscrew.

Corks For Your Homemade Wine Making

There are many types of corks available for homemade wine makers. Traditional corks, made from the bark of an oak tree, are still very popular. Synthetic corks are also available these days.

Why is Secondary Fermentation Important in Beer Brewing?

This article discusses the process of secondary fermentation and why it is a good thing for your beer. By employing secondary fermentation into your brewing process, you don’t need to worry about unfinished primary fermentation including the dreaded exploding bottles.

Argentine Malbec

Argentina is the fifth largest wine producing country in the world after France, Italy, Spain, and the USA. Argentina wine first started in 1557 in Santiago Del Estero by Juan Cedron who brought over the first vine cuttings from France. From this the wine production began slowly stretching to other regions in Argentina.

Wine Extravaganza at La Vermada Festival

Wine lovers – whether they are veteran connoisseurs or simply enjoy a glass or two during meal times – could find booking a Mallorca villa is a wise move when selecting a holiday. Such accommodation could be advisable for fans of the beverage as each year the La Vermada in Binissalem Festival offers a whole host of activities related to the drink.

Bentonite in Homemade Wine Making

Bentonite is a fining agent that can be used to clarify your homemade wine. Certain steps should be followed to ensure the addition of Bentonite to your wine is as effective as it can be.

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a grape variety which originally originates from the Bordeaux and Loire Valley regions of France. This grape is now planted in many other wine regions including Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil and California. Sauvignon Blanc’s flavour can range from grassy to sweet depending on the climate in which it is grown and also when it is farmed. Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is said to be ‘crisp, elegant and fresh’ due to the maritime climate.

How to Choose a Wine Decanter and Wine Glasses For Maximum Enjoyment of Burgundy Type Red Wines

Burgundy type red wines benefit from using the right glassware to present and serve them. You can make a significant difference to your enjoyment of these wines and impress your guests with your knowledge of wine decanters and wine glasses.

The Grape Escape

In some states there are laws prohibiting anyone from having wine shipped to their homes. This rules out wine clubs, samples, and rare purchases. Something has to be done!

Five Tips to Stop a Hangover Before it Happens to You

We have all heard the saying “there’s only two ways to stop a hangover, don’t start drinking or stop drinking.” Is it true? Here are a few ways to prevent that horrific feeling before it happens to you.

Alcohol – Understand the Limits and Use it Sensibly

Most people enjoy a drink, and one or two units of alcohol a day can have a moderate protective effect against heart disease for men over 40 and post-menopausal women. However alcohol misuse by some people is causing two major, though largely distinct problems. On the one hand there is the crime and anti-social behavior in town and city centers, and on the other hand the health problems caused by binge — and chronic drinking.

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