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The Early History of the Wine Glass

The wine glass as we know it has evolved a lot over time. In fact, early vessels for drinking wine were not made of glass at all. It took many centuries of innovation and variation to develop the technology we enjoy today.

Oxidation in Homemade Winemaking

The effects of oxidation can ruin your homemade wine. Simple steps and precautions can be taken to minimize your wine’s exposure to oxygen and help reduce your chances of ending up with oxidized wine.

Australian Wine – Making History Bottle by Bottle

The history of Australian wine is filled with ups and downs, booms and busts, and colorful, adventurous characters. Even after decades of booming international business, the Australian wine industry has yet to reach its full potential, and who knows where the story will lead?

Wine Storage Do’s and Don’ts

Wine coolers and wine refrigerators are excellent wine storage devices. A wine cooler can maintain a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit temperature (which is the ideal long term storage temperature for wine) and provide a cool and dark environment. Lay wine bottles flat in a wine cooler or wine refrigerator and let the wine cooler do the rest.

Australian Wine – A Must Try For Wine Aficionados

With the added efforts within the wine industry, Australian wine is just as tasteful and alluring as the ones found in the different parts of the world. In fact, these wines made from Australia have their own style, their own exotic ingredients, their own taste and aroma.

Buying Wine Online – Travel Through Wine Cultures

Are you a wine lover? Have you dreamed of being able to taste exotic varieties of wine but don’t have the means to travel to live out your passion? If so, then have you tried buying wine online?

Good Inexpensive Wine – Brilliant Marketing

Two men, one a small grocer and one wine producer had the same vision of marketing success. Buy a lot from distressed sources and sell a lot at a low profit per item. That was the aim of both Joe Coulombe and Fred Franzia. This brought Trader Joe’s markets and Bronco Wine Company tremendous success. In recent years, these companies have joined up to move a lot of good wine at a absurd, low price.

Home Wine Making – Starting Out

Have you been thinking about home wine making? Well go ahead and get started! You can join the ranks of thousands of people who have found this unique and rewarding hobby. Home wine making is one hobby that truly brings it’s own rewards.

Some Basic Vocabulary For Brewing Beer

Water takes many forms its way to becoming beer. So do the words that are used to describe it. This article is an easy way to quickly grasp the basic lingo and talk like a beer brewer.

Brewing Beer in Ringwood

High on the supermarket shelf, somewhere between the Scotch Whiskey and bottled lagers, you will find the eccentrically named English beers, each of them painstakingly and lovingly crafted. ‘Old Peculier’ shares this space with ‘Youngs Ram Rod’; the ‘Blandford Fly’ and of course our locally produced award winning ‘Old Thumper’ from Ringwood Brewery.

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