How To Taste Wine

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GRAB A GLASS AND TASTE ALONG!!! (upvote this video if it helps you!) The wine tasting method is a simple process that will help you identify specific characteristics of a wine while tasting it. The tasting method splits a wine tasting up into 4 sections based on four of the five physical senses we use to experience wine.

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Spiegelau Crystal – Strength and Beauty Unite!

Talk about a rich history in business… the first mention of the Spiegelau factory dates back to 1521 in the last will and testament of Erasmus Mosburger, a city official of Grafenau, Germany. The company that started in the enchanted, fairytale-esque Black Forest of Bavaria, Germany, has been producing its renowned glassware for 500 years (that’s 3,500 dog years). Pretty impressive, and evidence they know what they are doing when it comes to glass.

How To Pair the Right Wine With The Right Meal

When it comes to serving a gourmet meal, choosing the right meat, the most beautiful linens, and the freshest vegetables all play an important role. One thing that will truly make your meal one to remember, is pairing the right wine with the right food. Here are several key items that will turn your meal from just a dinner into an experience.

Best Tours of Colorado Breweries

Colorado has the most breweries per capita than any other state in the United States. Home to many award-winning beers, it’s easy to see why Colorado is called the “Napa Valley of Beer.” Numerous Colorado breweries offer tours during which people can see the brewing process and sample the beer.

Dual Zone Wine Coolers – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

OK you are probably thinking what could there be to consider other than the make & model. In my experience it is sometimes not until you start to research a particular item that questions come to mind.

White Wine – Knowing More About Its Classic Varietals

White wine comes from the juice and skin of white grape varieties that are actually colored green, gold or yellow. Compared to red wine, whites are lighter and refreshing in taste, making them more popular in spring and summer gatherings, appetizers, and lunches. Although whites are not as bold as reds, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t bring excitement to your palate. Here are some of the classic white varietals to help you start appreciate this type of wine.

How To Select a Wine Glass

In every corner of the wine industry, you will find connoisseurs who insist that the glass you drink from is as important as the wine you’ve chosen. That the right glass will enhance the taste of the wine. Now, enter any major department or kitchen store, and you’ll have dozens to choose from, and ranging in prices from just a couple of dollars on up to hundreds per glass. What’s all the fuss about?

The Effect of the Weather on Wine

Those interested in investing in fine wines should keep an eye on the 2011 French vintage. In fact, according to experts the only thing that could interrupt a great harvest would be heavy storms or a plague of locusts. If you want to know more about fine wine investment, get in touch with European Fine Wines. We specialise in fine French wines so will be able to advise you the best way to place your money for the 2011 vintage. You can call us on 0203586716 and one of our resident fine wine experts will be happy to talk to you.

Wine Online (The Buying Guide)

Buying wine online. What are the benefits for buying online and how it can not only save time and headache but can also give you an more educated choice and a wide variety of choices that can not be unmatched even in the top wine store in the state.

What to Wear Winetasting

Wine tasting seems simple and enjoyable enough, but there’s more to it in preparing for your day so you’re comfortable and head-ache free the next day. I’ll share my tips and fashion style advice for a trip to Napa, Calistoga or any other winery in the world.

Merlot – How Merlot Became America’s Favorite Red Wine

Before the nineteen nineties red wines were not very popular in America. Ever since the prohibition days of the nineteen thirties the wine industry had tried to make America a wine drinking country, but with very limited success. Then in 1991 something happened that changed everything and made red wine and, and especially Merlot, a household drink in America. What was this one pivotal event that changed American drinking habits forever?

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