How to Taste Wine? A Flavor Experience

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This is course number 1 Part 3 of the Julien’s 3.5 minute wine course so we are going to start from the beginning, how to taste wine properly, or at least better.

This is more intended to people that are relatively new to wine, but I think if you are already a wine connoisseur, you will still learn a little something, as I will try cover why each step is important with some details. In course number 2, I will cover why it’s important to take time to taste wine properly, so stay tuned for this, coming out tomorrow.

Essentially, for tasting and appreciating wine, we try to use as many of our sense as possible. We use them all in fact, except for hearing. There is not a lot you can do with wine about hearing, or perhaps play your favorite tune as you’re tasting!
So, the first phase to tasting wine properly, is to spend a little bit of time looking at it…

Part 3: The Taste
Here you want to be focused on the sensations the wine gives you on the palate.
You want to take a small sip at first. Not too small so you can actually taste the wine, but not too big either or you won’t be able to chew on it and keep it in your mouth very long, it’ll be too overwhelming.
Take a small sip, and get some air through it, so the aromas are dissolved and reach your nose from the back of your palate and you can smell the aromas better. The wine warms up on your palate and then reveals all its subtleties.
So you can do like this (aerate wine) or some people really prefer to chew on it.
Just remember to always focus and pay attention to all the sensations the wine gives you.
I made a video about the 3d dimension to wine tasting that goes a little bit deeper into this topic. I will ink to it at the end of the video.
And that’s it really. Just remember to take your time to appreciate, and more importantly, trust yourself and your own sensations while tasting.
No one’s right or wrong here. What’s important if what YOU fee.
I hope you enjoyed this video. Stay tuned and subscribe for learning more about wine.
And I will see you soon in the world of wine…

Watch the Presentation Video of Julien’s 3.5 Minute Wine School:


When Wine Goes Bad

You invite some friends over for a dinner party. The appetizers are up and you pop the cork on a nice Bordeaux in anticipation. After letting it breathe for a bit, you pour a glass and take a sip. Your lips curl up like you are eating a lemon! You’ve got a bad bottle of wine.

Fortified Wines – A Kick in the Pants

When discussing wines, most people focus on the two basic categories of whites and reds. Some might even through the sparkling wines in as a third category, but most fail to bring up fortified wines. If you are really serious about wine, this is a mistake.

Know Your Champagne For New Years

Champagne is often the celebratory drink of choice for special occasions ranging from weddings to victories to boat launchings to New Year’s Eve. As we charge towards the New Year, knowing your champagne is important.

6 Great Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

If there’s a wine lover on your gift list and you don’t know your zinfandel from your pinot noir, you may be stumped for present ideas. Fortunately, wine drinking has become so popular that there are many types of gifts available to help someone enjoy their favorite spirit. Use this list to help inspire you on your quest to find the perfect gift for your favorite oenophile.

Great Fun For All is Available in the Wine Country

For wine lovers who are planning to visit San Francisco, you should consider driving a short distance to Napa Valley to visit one or more of their many vineyards. Today, many vineyards understand the worries about drinking and driving, so they have started offering special packages. Whether or not you have tasted wines or maybe you simply find a dislike for the beverage, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at some of the many great wines that are found in California’s Sonoma Valley and Napa Regions.

The Growth of Rose Wine

The Wine making industry is absolutely huge and there are vineyards dotted around many countries such as Italy, France, Australia and Spain to name but a few. People have been creating wine for thousands of years and today it is considered a must to compliment any evening or special occasion meal.

Appellation Logic – What is an Appellation, Why Does it Matter Where a Wine Comes From?

The French created a geographically oriented system of appellations to regulate and market their finest wines. The success of the French AOC system encouraged other countries to imitate the system and today we have AVA, American Viticultural Areas like Napa Valley, Spring Mountain and the Santa Cruz Mountains. But the whole appellation concept is based upon the idea of terroir, that a wine coming from a specific place should taste a certain way. Does the geography based system of appellations make the same kind of sense in America that it does in Europe?

Hill Country Holiday Wine Trail – Celebrating the Holidays, Texas Style

The holiday season is a wonderful time in central Texas, as leaves turn and the burning heat of summer gives way to cool, brisk mornings and cold, sunny afternoons. Cold weather clothing replaces shorts and flip flops and fire places come to life for a few special months it’s a beautiful time to be in Texas.

Rice Wine, Barley Wine and Pinot Noir

There are many different types of rice wine. These types include Tuak from Malaysia, Raksi from Tibet, Lihing from Sabah, and much more. Korea also makes an unfiltered rice wine that is known as snake wine.

Wine Tasting – Order, Characteristics and Scoring

When you have a wine tasting party or you taste wine with your friends it is very important to serve the wine in the proper order. The appropriate order of wine tasting goes like this. Elderly tasters are always served first, no matter what the gender is. Women will be served next. The men should be served after the women.

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