How to Swirl Wine

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This simply trick will teach you how to swirl wine like a sommelier. Read how here:

Your Guide to the World of Red Wine

All red wines are processed from red or black grapes. The color of the wine is derived mainly due to a process known as maceration which is done after allowing the grapes juice to ferment along with the grape skin.

The Foodie Guide to Pairing Wine & Cheese

Being a foodie is a labor of love. After all, it’s hard work keeping up with the latest food trends whether it’s shaving bortaga on your pasta at home or sampling pork belly at the newly opened restaurant. Good thing serving a gourmet cheese course is a no brainer. Not only is this one course you don’t have to cook, but it’s an easy and elegant way to impress your guests by introducing them to new culinary delights – one trend that will never go out of style.

Have Wine With Your Corned Beef

This time of year, we start gearing up for some fun by planning our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The color green will be everywhere; our clothing, our rivers and our beer. Ireland is famous for its beer and its cuisine pairs well with this beverage. Many a cook will add stout beer to their cooking pot, when boiling their corned beef dinner. When this is done, a stout or porter beer is a wonderful pairing.

Drinking Beer and Wine Can Help Build Strong Bones

The next time you have a drop too much, maybe you can try giving this excuse to your significant other half. I bet this is the best thing a man would like to read and know and a woman’s worst nightmare. However, nothing can be further than the truth, the key towards stronger bones is through drinking beer and wine but in moderation.

Wine Chillers – What Are They?

People have been enjoying their favorite wines for thousands of years. In the past all wines were served warm. There was just no way to get your favorite Merlot to a nice frosty chilled temperature. Fast forward to today and it is a completely different story.

Gifts For Wine Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring wine connoisseur? Do you know someone who loves a good Merlot or Chardonnay with dinner or imported cheeses?

How to Choose the Right ICBO Wines

Everyone has their own different reasons for enjoying wine but the majority of people use it in one way or another. If you want to purchase some ICBO wines and head out to the store, if you are not educated you are probably going to be more than just a bit overwhelmed.

How to Make Fruity Wine

Fruity wine is a popular choice. Fruity wine pairs well with a variety of dishes and it is also nice to use in your culinary creations. The process of making fruity wines may seem a bit complex at first but once you get the hang of it you will find it as easy as pie. If you are interested in making fruity wine, this is how you do it.

Learning About Zinfandel Wines

Wine is a great beverage to have around the home, also for cooking purposes. There are some lovely dishes that call for wine as one of the ingredients so it is always nice to have some handy. There are different types of wines and categories including red and white wine as the two main favorites.

The Deliciousness of Shiraz Wines

Today it is used more often for entertainment purposes as well as a way to relax. How many of us have unwound at the end of a long day with a nice hot bubble bath and glass of wine? No matter what your reasons for drinking it may be, if you love wine then you should take the time to learn more about it.

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