How to Spit Wine (In Slow Motion!)

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“The human mouth is a dusgusting place” -Finding Nemo. But hey, now that we have your attention, read more about the lovely art of spitting wine!

Know Your Grapes Before You Book Your Wine Tour of New Zealand

Wine tours in New Zealand are popular with both local and international visitors alike. You can find specialist travel and holiday planners in NZ that offer fantastic packages and tailor made/personalised tours of the wine regions you are most interested in.

Champagne – The Drink Which Sparkled Around the World

The sparkling and scintillating wine called Champagne magnificently brings out the spirit of youth and the celebration of life in anyone who drinks it. This world-famous bubbly wine known for its exquisite taste originated from the county named Champagne in France. With a law that other countries must not use the word champagne to refer to any drink not originally made from this region under the French flag, other countries must be satisfied just to refer to their own version of it as the “sparkling wine.

How to Choose Hops When Brewing Your Own Beer

Home beer brewing is an amazing hobby enjoyed by many people across North America and Europe. This article will help you to select the right variety of hops to add to the flavor and aroma of your homemade beer.

What’s in a Wine Label?

It is no secret that for many wine drinkers there is an intimidation factor often surrounding the enjoyment of it. There are so many terms tossed out in just the tasting of wine, and if those terms have no meaning to you that can potentially take away from your enjoyment. There is a way however to know many details about a wine without even having to taste it.

Wine Appellations – How Does Location Play Into the Story of a Wine?

For some wine enthusiasts the term appellation is familiar. But what exactly does it mean when an appellation of origin appears on a wine label?

Ten Tips For Successful White Wine Making

People have been making white wine for centuries, and there’s no mystery to the way it is done. You can make the wine with grapes, with grape juice or with grape concentrate. Here are ten tips to ensure that your first attempts at white wine making using grapes will be a success.

Best Tips For Handling Old Wines

Wine is very similar to a person – it gets more fragile with age and it needs more attention. Follow our best tips for handling old wines to ensure you get the most of it.

4 Bottle Wine Cooler

There are some special compact wine cooler cabinets in the market. Bottle storage range of these machine is 4 bottles maximum. A number of companies produces such machines.

Le Cellar Door – The Most Beautiful Word in the English Language, Says Who?

A couple of decades ago the French scoured the English language to figure out which was the most beautiful word. They came up with the word “Cellar Door” as by far the most wonderful and beautiful word throughout the entire English language. However, one has to ask why they actually picked that word. For instance we know that in cellars it is where people store their wine. Therefore could it be that the French just want to sell us more wine, this is what I suspect is behind the whole thing.

Join the Cider Tax Protest If You Dare

The UK Chancellor Alistair Darling has just placed an above inflation tax increase of 10% on cider responsible cider drinkers are mounting a protest. Read about what they are planning and can your ears stand it?

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