How to Saber Champagne… With a Spoon!

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Don’t try this at home. Or… if you do: wear proper eye protection! See our full write up on sabering sparkling wines (and why Prosecco doesn’t work) here:

Different Drinks Contain Different Amounts of Alcohol

Many people understand that, with proper planning, it is possible to go out and have a few drinks and still be able to safely and legally drive home later. However, it is important to understand that there are varying amounts of alcohol in different types of drinks, and therefore beers contain far less alcohol than three mixed drinks. If you plan on going out and know that you must drive home later, it is important to keep in mind not only the number of drinks you have consumed and the timing between them, but also the amount of alcohol contained in each of your drinks.

French Red Wines – Burgundy – What You Should Know About It

Burgundy, like Bordeaux is a classic wine region of France. The name of the region in French is Bourgogne, and it’s the name you can see on wine’s labels of that region.

How to Taste Wine

So, it’s your first trip to a wine tasting party and you don’t know a corkscrew from a bottle opener? No problem. This article will make you a wine connoisseur in 3 easy steps.

Storing Wine at Home

Correct home wine storage conditions are important when keeping bottles of wine for an extended period of time. Proper storage techniques will keep wine fresh and prevent damage from odors and damaging temperature changes. Follow these simple tips to keep your wine tasting great.

Great Tips on Buying a Wine Bottle Refrigerator!

So you have made the decision to check out purchasing a wine bottle refrigerator. Presently there are quite a few motives so you would like one… shortage of room inside the refrigerator, or perhaps attempting to showcase your selection to friends you might have over.

Wine Bottle Refrigerator – What is the Right Kind of Beverage Wine Refrigerator For You?

Whenever investing in a wine bottle refrigerator you really now have a number of selections. Selecting the best choice for your current storage requirements could actually help avoid you against paying in excess of you might want to.

Types of Drinking Glassware

There are many different kinds of glassware items for drinking. The main kinds are wine glasses, beer glasses and cocktail glasses. These are standard barware items that can be seen anywhere from someones home to a service establishment like a bar or restaurant.

Martini Glasses – The Five Most Popular Styles of Martini Glasses

The martini, one of America’s most beloved cocktails, has been the subject of experimentation through most of its history. Over the last few years, literally hundreds of new martini recipes have surfaced.

The Martini – How This Classic Cocktail Got Its Name

Ahhh, the martini. The classic cocktail that casts a spell over men and women alike. Its reputation began well over a hundred years ago and continues to this day.

Cooled Wine Cellars Vs Passive Wine Cellars?

Well to be quite frank, the serious collector always cools his wine collection. Why? It is simply because wine spoils under certain conditions. One of these conditions is temperatures above 70 degrees for long periods of time.

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