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Oops! Got wine spills? Watch this quick video for some tried and true methods of removing wine stains.

Spoiled Wine? Tips to Know If Your Vintage Wine Is Still Drinkable

Buying and tasting expensive wine can be a great experience. But you need to know that you are getting what you pay for. You can ensure that your grapes are not spoiled by looking for a few tell tale signs.

How to Choose Proper Wine Glasses

Wine is the drink that goes with almost every type of European and Western food. Choosing the right wine is ideal when it comes to enjoying the flavors of the food. Wine compliments red meat and white meat, it calms the body and soothes the senses. There are many types of wine as there are many types of wine glasses and more often than not, most wines have their own specially designed glass. But for domestic use, selecting a good wine glass for any type of wine is the best way to go.

Pinot Noir – Top Ten Facts, From a First-Hand Amateur

After nearly a year of working at a small, estate produced winery specializing in growing Pinot Noir, I have bounced like a ping pong ball from winemaker to vineyard manager in my quest to learn what makes Pinot so very Noir. 10. The name is derived from the French words for “pine” and “black” alluding to the varietals’ tightly clustered dark purple, pine cone-shaped bunches of fruit.

Vinification Techniques

The term wine shows the whole process of biochemical transformation that allows the transformation of grapes into wine. There are different techniques of vinification. We will describe the features of more general and highlight the different procedures that apply to the vinification and the red wine making.

Benefits Of Drinking Wine For 2010

If more people knew the health benefits of wine do you think they would have more wine parties. You may disagree with this statement but there are chances that you will change you mind after reading this article. Just to let you know, I always used to disagree with this statement until I discovered a profound truth. Are you interested in to know what it is? Do you want to know why more people really should drink wine?

The Science of Winemaking Simplified

Wine making doesn’t need to be a complex scientific process. There can be a lot of fun involved and it is a timeless art. Even authentic Italian wines can be made in your home with many things you may already have around the house.

Vintage Wine Online: How to Test Wine for Quality

Wine testing is not only a task only for the experts. We “normal folk” can test wine to check the quality of the grapes as well. Especially when we buy wine online, we need to know how to check it properly.

A Simple Wine Label To Celebrate A Sparkling Event

Why do people get so curious about wine labels? Is it to determine how old it is or from what origin? Let us discuss what’s really inside.

Guide To Learning The Art Of Wine Tasting

The wine tasting is a real art. As such, it requires some basic knowledge to help you recognize more than the taste and texture of the drink, including its origin, its degree of aging, its alcohol content. It has been proven that tasting the wine in small quantities, the ‘brain activity in some subjects is stimulated to a greater extent than others.

Unwinding Wine

One must be equipped with an extraordinary combination of knowledge and experience to be able to distinguish between a Dom Perignon and a Marquise de Pompadour NV. The former is high-end French champagne, while the latter is a top-notch Indian sparkling wine.

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