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How do you read a wine label? Beyond the basics of winery, vintage, and region, we’ve discovered there are 3 ways wines are labeled. Get the Wine 101 guide →

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Wines are typically labeled in one of 3 ways:

• By Grape Variety (e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon or Riesling)
• By Region (popular in France, Italy, and parts of Spain)
• By Made-Up Name (often used for proprietary blends)

Grape Variety Labeling or “Varietal” Wines

Even though nearly all wine is from just one species (Vitis vinifera), there are thousands of different grape varieties (also called cultivars). Fortunately, if you’re new to wine, there are only about 100 common varieties planted throughout the world.

If you’re curious to get a head start on tasting these popular wine varieties, check out this article →

Regional Wine Labeling

Wines like Bordeaux, Champagne, Chianti and Rioja are all named after the region in which they’re from!

Each wine region dictates what grapes can be used in the regional wine. So, in order to know what’s inside one of these regionally labeled wines, you’ll want to do a little research. For example, Chablis in France grows Chardonnay, and Chianti in Italy specializes in Sangiovese.

Be sure to investigate our Regional Wines Guide for more →

Wines Labeled by Made-Up Name

More often than not, named wines are unique blends invented by the wine producer. You’ll also find named wines common in regions that do not allow the use of certain grapes in their regional wine (but still grow them).

Named wines are often blends or unusual wines that don’t fit the wine laws of a particular region. In most cases, you’ll find the unique details about the wine on the winery’s website.

Using Wine Preservative 220

Wine makers have a legal obligation to provide information on wine labels regarding the preservatives normally used in making our products. Sometimes this causes concern with the wine buying public. At wine education seminars, we are sometimes asked questions like “Why have we started adding things to our product?” or “What is this preservative in the wine?”

Romance on the Texas Wine Trail

Thanks to its growing popularity as a wine-lover’s destination, five times a year the Texas Hill Country hosts a popular event known as the Texas Wine Trail. Buy tickets now for the upcoming February Wine Trail.

Perfect Temperature for Wine Storage

The process of keeping or storing your wine is much important than keeping it in the right position. Although it is important too, the storage is still one factor to be considered first. In storing your wines, perfect temperature or perfect condition should be prioritized.

Vitis Vinifera – Tracing the Origins of Wine

Wine is a kind of drink extracted from the Vitis Vinifera plant, more commonly known as the grape vine. This is probably one of the most popular drinks in the world today. Up to date, there are now a wide variety of wines available in the market at varying prices. Either way, the drink has always been a symbol of celebration and gatherings. But before you go out and start opening another bottle, take time to read on and trace back the origin and history of the world’s most favorite drink.

Wine Pairing Tips – The Best Food To Pair With Chardonnay

The world-renowned Chardonnay wine is extracted from a specific kind of grape known in the wine industry as the Chardonnay grape. These vines are most popularly grown in an area in France called Burgundy and produce one of the most delicious white wines in the market. The original taste of the grapes is actually not that distinct and strong. This gave wine makers the freedom to create their own trademark taste and brand. Many wine experts believe that it is quite difficult to pair Chardonnay wine with food because of its very subtle taste. But nonetheless, it can still be done. Listed below are the best kinds of food and dishes that you can pair with that perfect bottle of Chardonnay.

At Home Winemaking Step by Step Formula

Making wine at home is not difficult but it has some parts which needs to be considered if you want to make good wine. You don’t want to be in a “maybe it will work” thing and you probably need a easy to follow step by step instruction guide so the mystery is completely gone and therefore you can make on like autopilot.

Types of Red Wine for Different Flavors: Wines With Fining

Did you know that the best types of red wine are made with more than just grapes? Although the vast majority of the base of wine is made from grapes, there are additional components that give wine a perfect taste. Vintners, those who make wine, long ago discovered that wine could be enhanced through the addition of a fining element.

Types of Red Wine, White Wine and Others: The Varieties

If you’re new to wine drinking, you know there are seemingly dozens of types of red wine, white wine and many others to select from. There are different kinds of wine grapes, and each region of the world bring its own special flavor to the different vines and, therefore, to wine itself. Learning all of the subtle nuances of wine can be overwhelming.

For the Adventurous: Off the Beaten Path Wine Alternatives

Let’s be honest, we all get into wine ruts — always deferring to Sauvignon Blanc when we want white, or Cabernet Sauvignon when we want red, for example. We’re too busy to have to think about the lesser-known options out there, or perhaps, too intimidated. But with so many delicious and well-priced wine alternatives, there is no reason not to expand your horizons. If you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, a whole new world of wine awaits you. Here are suggestions for two whites and two reds to get you started.

Valentine’s Day – Do I Need Wine?

Valentines Day can be one of the most romantic days of the year, leaving most men asking, its Valentine’s Day- do I need wine? Depending on the activities that you plan for your special day, you may or may not need to purchase wine to make the day more special. Wine is a beautiful way to enhance any special date, so purchasing a nice bottle of wine that you can both enjoy together is a great way to get any date started.

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